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Lack of appetite

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  • Lack of appetite

    Primal almost two weeks and I am just not hungry anymore. Forget to eat and at times make myself eat. I love it but I'm afraid of cw that says too few calories will slow metabolisim. Does that happen eating primal? Down 5lbs so far.

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    So you're losing weight? That's a good thing! Unless you feel tired and weak, I find myself not eating all day if I'm busy, Cavemen didn't eat all day sometimes I'm sure, your body is doing what it is supposed to do, we wouldn't be around today if our bodies crashed everytime we didn't eat for a day or too, you're fine as long as you feel fine.


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      I eat 0-2 meals a day, have plenty of energy (when I actually sleep) and am losing weight at a nice pace. I doubt your metabolism will slow if you're eating good food when you do eat.
      I wish I liked to eat liver.