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Limited nutrition options and compensation

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  • Limited nutrition options and compensation

    [warning, there will be a bit of a rant before I get to the actual question so you may better understand my plight]

    So, hi, my name is Destiny, and though I'll be leaving within a year or so, I am currently still living with my parents and am at the mercy of my mother's grocery shopping (though I can add things to the list). I have a sort-of job but I really don't make that much money at all, and have certain things I need to take care of with it, so truly I am dependent on the food options that get brought home.

    The problem is, I am the only one living a healthy lifestyle in my house. No one else cares. Sometimes they pretend to for a week or two period of time, but... not really. If there is a doctor's appointment coming it it's usually delayed for three weeks with the intention of walking and "cutting down" for that three weeks leading up to it (which they rarely do anyway) with the idea of making their bloodwork look not QUITE as terrible to the family doctor. I'm fairly sure the line of my father's medication on the windowsill is at least as long as my forearm and probably more. Although I am frequently asked for and occasionally offer advice / input, no one actually listens to me. Typically my father will say something about how I should help him with his health / how he should really fix it, and then soonafter will probably do something like complain he got a slice of cake that was too small. Honestly, I'm past trying to help people that refuse to help themselves. It is not an eighteen year old's job to control, convince, baby, and try to manage a sixty year old man. I simply just get irritated now.
    My mother is in a bit of a better state, however, she's still not focused on health at all and the occasional health kicks she gets into are short lived. Even when we get on the same "vibe", her view of health is "eat less move more". Everything else is just extra or not needed or whatever.

    Basically, my entire fit and healthy lifestyle, with healthy food and my constant exercise, has been an uphill battle for the past five or so years when I started it. My family is neither supportive or non-supportive; they're indifferent. Whenever a comment is made it's usually vague disapproval, like "I think you're overdoing it, but whatever." or "You're skinny so you can eat whatever you want. Just eat -whatever food I'm trying to deny is-." You know, things generally in that vein of thinking.

    Anyway. That being said... I kinda scavenge through this house for things to eat; I truly feel that primal is the healthiest thing for my body and to support my activities. I recently read Primal Body, Primal Mind and that further cemented it for me. I'm confident in this lifestyle as even more of an improvement to the lifestyle I was already leading. I wholeheartedly wish to follow the exactness outlined by all paleo / primal "leaders"... And when in about a year or so I can fully immerse myself in this lifestyle, I will be happy.

    Until then, I cannot access grass-fed meats and dairies- or, I know of a local dairy farm that sells their grass-fed products at the local farmer's market, but they're still pasteurized (though not homogenized). Is it adequate to follow the PB the best I can with a high meat/fat and low carb diet if I supplement omega-6 rich meats with fish oil pills to meat my omega-3 requirements? I can't request my mother buy these sorts of meats because she'll roll her eyes. She already gives me dirty looks for not eating bread / rice / breaded things (I'm from the South; carbs are even more emphasized here) and is mildly offended when I don't eat the sweets she makes (she's made two ice cream cakes in the past four days- I mean, really?). And grass-fed meat is more expensive and while she keeps buying the plethora of SAD food she does, it's not an affordable addition.

    On another, slightly odder note, we have a chicken that just sort of showed up and decided it was going to live here. She eats and drinks in our yard and digs holes and stays here the majority of most days, yet she lays her eggs across the street. Does anyone have any suggestions to persuade said hen to lay her eggs over here? I'd loooove some free-range eggs.
    "...there was about him a suggestion of lurking ferocity, as though the Wild still lingered in him and the wolf in him merely slept." - Jack London, "White Fang"

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    1. Do the best you can. If you can only get conventional meats, if your mom put flour in the gravy, if... Just do what you can. Stressing about it isn't going to help.

    2. Don't stress about people who don't want to change. It won't go anywhere. Indifference is preferable to some family reactions people around here have had.

    3. Build it a nice roost of some sort. I'm sure there are lots of plans online for chicken coops, and if there is only one, then it doesn't have to be that big.