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So..I am just not a fan of vegetables

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  • So..I am just not a fan of vegetables

    Alright, so, I know this forum is home to a few full-on Carnivores, so it does seem to be feasible, but, it still makes me at least a little nervous.

    My problem is that, in general, I just don't like vegetables. Especially ones that I cook myself.

    Out at a particular restaurant, two of my favorite things are their Cauliflower Mash, and Cream Spinach. At home, when I make my own? Despite my wife really liking it, I have to fight back a mild gag reflex on occasion.

    Their cauliflower mash is super creamy and buttery, and I just can't match it. And I don't know what it was about the spinach.

    I have similar reactions to squash and zucchini and broccoli. I can eat them, but I derive zero pleasure from it, and again, sometimes have that gag reflex. This is whether I steam them or saute them in butter. Hate raw tomatoes, but have discovered I do kinda like cooked cabbage (thanks to PB Cookbook's Kielbasa & Cabbage recipe).

    Basically, I'd just love to get some ideas, or some sources that address a more low-veggie route. I'm doing this for my health, and I would hate to sabotage myself. Though, I lived most of my SAD-eating life with corn and green beans as my most common "vegetables", and I didn't die of malnutrition. So it does make me wonder.

    Thanks in advance for any help!
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    I'm more of a raw veggie person myself, maybe some winter squash or artichoke here or there, but mostly salad greens with add on things like zucchini, broccoli/cauliflower, cucumber, carrot, celery, mushroom, tomato, pepper, onion, green peas, even green beans!

    Here's an idea~ next time you go to that restaurant, get an order of cauliflower mash 'to go' and freeze it when you get home. Then the next time you want some, there it is, just the way you like it!


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      You can train yourself to like vegetables, it just takes time and exposure. I read a book recently that said that young children have to be introduced to a vegetable about 20 times before they start to "like" it, and it encouraged cooking the vegetable in different ways. Think of yourself as a young child in training, lol.

      For example, you could eat broccoli steamed with butter, roasted in the oven with olive oil and salt, raw in a salad, or cooked with cream into a broccoli timbale. Experiment with different textures and flavors. Again, just like a child, tell yourself that you don't have to like it, you just have to try it. Initially think "exposure" more than "enjoyment."

      I know this works, because I trained myself to like fresh fish using this method. I'm working on liver (my lifelong nemesis) now, and am happily eating homemade liver pate at this point.

      I'm sure others will weigh in on eating a more meat-heavy diet, but there's so many benefits to eating veggies that it seems a shame to not at least try to like them.


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        I despise them. But I like some salad greens - lettuce with something or arugula with something. Instead of broccoli (which isn't edible) try steamed kale. I've learned to like (?) accept (?) soups (Sally Fallon has some simple recipes). They say fermented vegetables are good - try sauerkraut or kimchi.
        Let's face it - chocolate, omelet, roasted chicken or wild strawberries are tastier.


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          1) Next time you go to that favorite restaurant, order that dish. Afterwards compliment & chat up the wait person, calmly telling them your lil gag issue w/ home veggies. Ask for the recipe nicely/pleadingly (in advance, practice Puss n Boots eyes @ home in front of a mirror). Speak to the owner or chef if need be. Be super complimentary (no ass kissin' its the truth). Tell them you will continue being a patron of their fine establishment even of you make it @ home too

          2) Skip meals (I.F.) & purposefully eat veggies when your hunger tells you to find something, anything & that you MUST eat again. Eat some veggies, not too much to gag you. Do some actual fasting (I.F before attempting longer ones) & break the fast w/ a small portion of buttered, salted creamed veggie of your choice + a protein.

          Over time, you can train yourself...
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            Unfortunately the place is like 4 hours away, lol. Wish I could go there more often, because it's amazing. But instead it's just when we're at the beach on vacations.

            But yeah, training seems to be the only real choice I'll have if I don't want to go mostly carnivorous.
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              I hate veggies too, but cutting them into smallish chunks, smothering with olive oil, roasting in the oven until they start to burn then covering with grated parmesan makes all the difference.


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                At least eat fruit between meals.


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                  Eat them with bacon.


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                    I love cook vegetables buckets more than raw but, I'm thinking for yourself, why not just eat fruit then. The training yourself to eat them is a great suggestion but, I guess if it were me, I'd be "F it. I'm eating what I love. I'll just eat more fruit". Maybe I'm getting old.


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                      Luckily I found another thread. It was more in regards to zero carb, but it had an interesting link to Primal Parent and her carnivorous diet.

                      I'm definitely going to keep trying to fit them in, but that at least makes me feel a little more comfortable that if I don't manage it immediately, its not going to do any harm.

                      And that's such a silly thought, because good lord, during my SAD eating days, my most common vegetable was ketchup, lol.
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                        Yeah, really no worries. Eat some offal and bone broth.


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                          I used to be a big vegetable eater, but I cut down significantly due to my IBS. I now think that vegetables are really overrated, and I eat maybe 2-3 servings per day, only the low fiber ones (everything peeled and seeded) like zucchini, carrots, cucumbers, red peppers and onions. I think that the nutrional profile of a lot of veggies looks good on paper, but I've also quite a few papers that lead me to the conclusion that much of the nutrition in veggies is either bound by the fiber or unable to be fully digested and absorbed in the body. I actually feel a lot better eating fewer vegetables, which I never thought I'd find myself saying.

                          My husband has a similar hatred of veggies, but since he wants to be eating some, I use a few tricks so he doens't get the gag reflex. My small bag of tricks is mainly:

                          1) Focus on textures he likes/can deal with
                          2) Use flavors (like salt and spiciness) that he likes
                          3) Cook things down and hide them in something else.

                          For #1, I know he like crispy crunchy stuff and hates anything slimy. So he's more likely to be able to deal with steamed kale than steamed chard/spinach because the former never gets slimy like the latter does. Since he really likes salty crunchy chips, I'll soak zucchini slices in brine for an hour, then put them in the dehydrator. This has become his new favorite snack, even though he has always hated the taste and texture of zucchini.

                          For #2, I liberally season veggies with salt, chipotle powder, pretty much anything that can hide the flavor of the vegetables. Using this method I was able to make him chicken with broccoli, which was the first time he'd ever been able to eat broccoli without gagging in his life.

                          For #3, I might saute some onions, which he loves, and then add in some very thinly sliced zucchini. I let it saute a few minutes, then put the lid on the pan and really let the zucchini cook down so you almost can't tell it apart from the onion. Then i mix this into rice or eggs, or whatever it's going to be eaten with.

                          I personally don't think you have to feel bad if you don't like a lot of veggies. With an open mind and some experimentation, I do think that you'll be able to find something you like, even if it's just a few things, that's much better than ketchup!
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                            I run hot and cold on veggies. My fav way to get them in is to buy bags of mixes I like, for example carrots, red and yellow peppers, and asparagus. I cook up some ground beef with onions, toss in thawed mixed veggies, and hide it all in some form of sauce. Spaghetti sauce is a fav, so is curry. Mushroom soup too. Ok, not as primal as it could be but still healthy, plus tasty.
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                              Originally posted by MrsC View Post
                              For example, you could eat broccoli steamed with butter, roasted in the oven with olive oil and salt, raw in a salad, or cooked with cream into a broccoli timbale. Experiment with different textures and flavors. Again, just like a child, tell yourself that you don't have to like it, you just have to try it. Initially think "exposure" more than "enjoyment.".
                              Hey Inksplat!

                              I really like what mrsc had to say, and it is my advice as well. I, personally, love almost every vegetable grown on the planet, but I have a kid who is taking a little while to get used to the veggies. We have the same deal - no pressure at all, just lots of exposure to as many different preparations of x veggie I can find recipes to try. She has learned to like a lot this way, in her own time. There are literally hundreds of recipes for every veg on the planet - given enough time, I am sure you will find some new friends.

                              I feel that veggies are important to the human diet, but I don't think you are going to fail the WOE portion of the Primal if liking the veggies takes some time - you do have a few you alreay like: a couple at home, and a couple in restaurants, so it isn't as if you tolerate NONE of them.

                              I have a big herb garden, and there is a lot of nutrition in fresh herbs as well, so that may be a route to get some green in there. I also have discovered a real liking for some green veggie powder called GreensPlus - I mix a half-teaspoon into a small glass of ice cold tomato-vegetable juice blend and stir well - I like the way it feels in the bod.

                              As much as I like the vegetable matter, even I don't like each and every recipe. There is definitely hope for you!
                              I have a mantra that I have spouted for years... "If I eat right, I feel right. If I feel right, I exercise right. If I exercise right, I think right. If I think right, I eat right..." Phil-SC