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    I was wondering if eating a diet high in fat and saturated fat would be detrimental to someone who didn't exercise or exercised very little? I realize that not exercising is a risk factor in itself, but is it a greater risk factor to one's health if combined with a high fat diet?

    In the absence of exercise, should one even consider a Paleo diet?

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    I think the focus for a sedentary person should be one of carb control for the purpose of appetite control, rather than the purposeful drastic increase of fat intake.

    Just know why you're increasing your fat intake and not go crazy with it. What's most important is to eat real food, get good sleep, stress less, get some sun and move your body.

    Ps. I lost 80lbs without any exercise on the paleo diet before I felt compelled to start exercising.


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      I'm sitting at about a 75 lb fat loss due to Paleo, with minimal exercise. We've got a bike off to the side in our living room that I occasionally (once or twice a week) move to the front while watching some TV show or other. I pedal at a snail's pace, never even get out of breath, chatting with my room mate.

      At some point the fat-loss train is going to slow down and I'll have to up the exercise, but the more I lose, the more I look forward to being <i>able</i> to do the kind of exercise I read about here.