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How bad are potatoes really??

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    Honestly, if you compare Sweet and White potatoes, it's not a clear win for Sweet. Both have many similar traits, Sweet have more fiber, White have more minerals. Sweet has a lower glycemic, but i you are eating your potato with butter, I'd bet the glycemic levels are pretty similar.

    Myself, I alternate between the two. I find I get gassy if I eat sweet potatoes every day.


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      Originally posted by yodiewan View Post
      I agree that they're not bad at all. I eat them a few times a week as a post-workout carb. Here are Mark's posts about potatoes:

      Are Potatoes Healthy? | Mark's Daily Apple
      Are Potatoes Paleo? | Mark's Daily Apple
      Just read those two links. I find it weird, why would potatoes have these defense mechanisms? Why would they possibly want to continue to live and avoid being eaten by 'predators'? Unless it is meant for us who have the ability and knowledge to peal them.

      Speaking of pealing them, i take it if you peel it well and fairly deep, you'd remove most the toxins that can cause inflammation in some?

      Same goes for the rest of the dame nightshades, i think i've confirmed that nightshades do contribute to inflammation in me, as i more than likely have a degree of leaky gut so i've been avoiding them, btu i did have some potatoes at friends house for dinner to not be rude, and didn't feel any symptoms in the days after, so perhaps i could include them in moderate amounts occasionally.


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        I eat potatoes fairly frequently. I hate sweet potatoes, and can only stomach eating them a few times a year, I really can't stand them. So I eat regular white potatoes once or twice a week. Unless they cause you problems, there's no reason not to eat them.