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Hunger related to nutrient need?

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  • Hunger related to nutrient need?

    I was looking around online for convict conditioning and came across a story about horses. I don't remember what site I was on or I'd give credit. But the gist was that the horse feed was grown in nutrient deficient soil and the horses started chewing on their stalls out of "hunger". The horses overate and became fat. They switched to higher quality feed and their intake went down and the horses thinned out.

    So I started to wonder if that's what's going on in America. As we continue to grow food in overused soil and either consume it or feed it to animals we eat, the nutrients in these foods are less. So our body tries to get us to eat more in a search for the nutrients we miss. Thus we consume more calories than needed and gain weight. Could it be that the decrease in appetite many people see is from switching to organic, grass fed foods that are more nourishing? And perhaps this explains why obesity is becoming an ever increasing issue as the farms across the country continue to grow on ever more depleted soil.


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    Soil may be an issues, as would be the type of feed. For things like veg though it is more about selective breading for looks rather than taste or nutrition. I think there is a case for all it impacting what we eat. less nutrition in the food certainly less to no nutrition in the grains means what we are doing is right by eating as much real whole food as possible.
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      Yes, I'm sure that's one factor among many. Looking for the one silver bullet at any level (Leptin, laziness, nutrients) seems like the wrong approach though. If you're interested in this stuff you might want to become a regular reader of Whole Health Source blog.
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        It must be an important brick in the whole obesity-puzzle... the lack of nutrients in a lot of food nowadays. It can be due to worse soil quality, pesticides, artificial fertilizers, long transport, lack of variety (like not eating liver and different vegetables etc.) and overconsumption of grains with anti nutrients and unnatural, depleted junky food.
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          I recently read somewhere (sorry but I didn't bookmark the link) that our fruits and veggies have about 70% fewer nutrients than they did in the 1940s. If you look at the hunger mechanism as something we all need to survive, I imagine that even those that eat too many calories but don't get enough nutrients are starving and therefore eating even more.
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