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So my mom bought this new (no oil) frying pan

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  • So my mom bought this new (no oil) frying pan

    Apparently, you don't need any oil or butter to cook with it, because of some kind of specks green coating. Idk wth this thing is, but is it safe to cook with?? As Seen on TV OrGREENic 10" Frying Pan: Kitchen & Dining[m]&wl3=14106492310&wl4=&wl5=pla&veh=sem

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    Yeah I have a couple of those. They're actually pretty nice - the ceramic non-stick is a lot better than teflon and apparently completely non-reactive. However, the "cook with no oil" is a bit optimistic (and why would you want to anyway???) unless you're cooking something with a lot of fat in it, like ground meat, lamb chop or duck breast. I wouldn't put a boneless skinless chicken breast or an egg in there with no oil or butter with much optimism.


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      I have this pan and love it! The eggs don't stick at all! However, I do use coconut oil or butter to cook with, because it adds to the flavor. Food in my old pans stuck regardless of how much oil or butter I used.

      You do have to "season" the pan every 6 months or so, by wiping with oil and drying off. Not sure why, but I'm one to follow directions.
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        Personally, I would never give up my stainless steel pans. But ceramic would probably be where I'd go otherwise, because teflon is the devil.

        Though, I'm guessing the ceramic wouldn't work with an induction stovetop, and those are getting more and more common.
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          Great pan...add the oil and butter much tastier.
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