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  • Low Thiamine

    Started tracking my food intake and am more interested in my vitamin/mineral intake levels. It appears that nearly every day I am low in Thiamine. However, I researched this a little and this vitamin is used to break down carbs...however my carbs stay under 100g---so maybe I dont require as much? The rest of my B-vitamins are through the roof!

    Also, I take Threelac and this has B1 (Thiamine) in it....which makes me wonder if my body reacts well to this probiotic BECAUSE I'm in need of B1?

    I am...a constant scientific experiment!
    Oh...some others are low, but I supplement---Calcium/D/Mag.
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    I also track occasionally and I've noticed the same thing. Those are the ones I supplement/get sun for. I just can't eat a high enough volume of food to get them all from eating.



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      This seems to be coming up a lot lately. From what I've read pork and asparagus seem to be the best primal sources.


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        thanks! I do eat some pork---but really only do asparagus in the spring when it is more "in season." This is good to know though...I'll research more food sources.
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