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Upper Body Workout with Rings

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  • Upper Body Workout with Rings

    I've been Paleo for over a year. Always athletic, weight never an issue. When I rediscovered road cycling 4 years ago I let my gym membership lapse but I've decided it is time to get some strength training back into my life.

    There are two rows of overhead (still?) rings in the park near me and I've gone over there and swung ring to ring, etc. My question is: Is this enough? I can go down the row of eight rings and back without stopping and I do a bunch of pullups on a ring. Anything else I could do with them?

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    Hang upside down feet in the air and pull up
    hang down then swing your body up and around nice and slow then back down again.
    hold and L sit
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      I think doing only this exercise is not enough, Try to do more workout and at least perform cardio exercises for an hour

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