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  • Kid's and wheat

    Has anyone here have experience with young children having acid reflux and stomach aches from wheat? I have a 6 year old son who loved bread (mainly because we didn't know any better before I started the primal journey), and recently started complaining he had burbs that burned. I immediately new it was acid reflux because I had it bad when I ate wheat. So my wife and I took wheat out of his diet and within a few days the burps stopped!

    It's been quite the chore switching his diet because he's been used to eating the bread, but he feels better. We are explaining to him that dad found out wheat is bad for his body and it's bad for him too, that's why the burps are gone. He was very fussy the other day at lunch so my wife had a left over box of Amy's mac and cheese in the freezer so she thought she'd experiment with him. Within an hour after eating it he complained of stomach ache and had diarrhea! I think we found the problem.

    It seems this is becoming an all to common sensitivity with kids these days. The body doesn't lie and it's rejecting this toxin like the plague. Not to mention he had a sugar rush the other day after baseball (parents bring treats which I don't like) and he had a acid burp from that ass well! Could that be caused by sugar too?
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    I just looked up the ingredients of a push up. That's what my son had after the baseball game. I'm about to puke.

    water, sugar, corn syrup, cream, milk, citric acid, whey, lemon juice concentrate, guar gum, grape juice concentrate, beet juice concentrate color, natural and artificial flavors, ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), cherry juice concentrate, mono and diglycerides, carob bean gum, polysorbate 80, tragancanth gum, Turmeric Extract Color, pectin, xanthan gum, dextrose, gum arabic, beta carotene color, isomalt, modified corn starch, annatto color, corn starch


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      Hi Brandon....

      We just figured out as well that our youngest, also 6 has a wheat/gluten intolerance to go along with her Fructose intolerance. It took us about 4 years of doctor's appointments and a trip to the regional Childrens Hospital for testing to only figure out that she was slightly fructose intolerant. We tried for years with taking dairy away, taking bread away, etc.....nothing seems to work on it's own. Even after finding out she was fructose intolerant, she was still complaining of stomach pains and was still not having solid bowel movements.

      Finally, my wife got sick and tired of trying to deal with our normal MD and went to a Naturopath. She requested her blood work from the latest testing done at the Childrens Hospital and informed us that there was a huge RED flag in the results for Gluten. Anyways...she ordered some sensitivity testing on her and low and behold, she is super sensitive to anything grain related especially wheat.

      The moment we took her off wheat and gluten, she was immediately feeling better. So we take off to a cottage for two weeks with the mindset of going wheat/gluten free for her. Everything is going well until we visited a friends cottage the first week and they had a lunch and supper for us. We didn't really want to reveal our situation just yet, so it was a good time to test. Sure enough, that night, when we got home, she didn't feel well, couldn't sleep and eventually had to sit on the toilet.

      That sealed it for us. The rest of the time we were there, she was wheat/gluten free and felt awesome. Even since we've removed the grains from her diet, she's really leaned out. (she was always kinda swollen in her belly and full of gas)

      My wife and I started to do some research and we came across Paleo/Primal eating and we've been researching ever since. We actually just started our Primal journey this week as a family. We went through the fridge and cupboard and chucked out all that was not primal. So 3 and I'm feeling leaner already! lol. I've got to admit though, I have a bit of a lingering headache, but I'm chalking that up to the lack of carbs that i'm used to intaking.

      I sincerely hope your son is feeling much better now and hope you are still enjoying your journey with the Paleo/Primal lifestyle. I know I'm looking forward to results in my weight and my health.



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        My three year old has been wheat free for....well about since birth. My five year old is a bit tougher nut to crack. He knows he can't/we dont have it in our house so that makes it easy. Its when he visits other kids or we are out to eat that he even trys. So there is his 20% I guess . Good luck. I feel like step one is just making your house a wheat free zone. After that the chips are likely to fall where they may.


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          My daughter is sensitive to wheat, as we discovered when she was a little over a year old. Every single day, she had horrible, butt-burning diarrhea. After an elimination diet, we figured out that it was the wheat.

          She's 3.5 now, and while we don't keep wheat in the house, it is EXTREMELY difficult to keep her away from it when we're out. We are part of a huge playgroup, and of course, everyone bakes. Ugh.


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            used to eat bread didn't have that issue. But I did when I drank a lot of OJ which I did a lot back in when I was young a loooooooooooooooot.


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              With my son spicy food and too much milk, dairy seems to be his trigger for reflux. Plus multi vitamins seem to make it worse as well. I am trying to cut the wheat and gluten way down and go to corn, rice and potatoes for his starchs as well as the rest of the family though I don't think that is his particular issue as much as the other food items.