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  • Idiopathic Hypersomnia

    I've got a couple of colleagues that turned me on to the idea of the Primal lifestyle. Let me tell you, as a man of science, I'm hooked. I haven't had a chance yet to talk to my family doctor about what I'm doing, but he's flexible enough I have no doubt he'll understand.

    Here's the question I have for you. I know fully well the benefits of ongoing exposure to sunshine. I've proven it to myself over the years often enough. I work in an office building cubicle floor all day - no windows, no sunshine. I get outside when I can, but it's not enough.

    My doctor diagnosed something called idiopathic hypersomnia - I get really tired during the day for no apparent reason. I know it's because I don't get enough sun, but I'm not sure he'd buy that (maybe he would). I definitely get enough sleep, when the sun goes down, I do to, and sleep solidly for at least 8 hours.

    He prescribed something called Nuvigil. While it doesn't seem to have any negative short-term affects on me, I wonder about how it affects brain and body chemistry long term. Just wondering if you have any thoughts on it?

    I did my best to check around on the blog/forum and the inter-webs for more information, but the most I've heard is "get more sun."

    Also - if this isn't the proper topic to put this in, let me know and I'll drop it somewhere else.

    Thanks, and Grok on!
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    I was prescribed Modafinil (the original name for the same drug, brand name is Provigil) for my chronic fatigue, but couldn't actually get it because my insurance company wouldn't cover it due to the fact that it is only approved for the treatment of narcolepsy; using it for fatigue is considered off-label.

    So, unfurtunately I don't have any personal experience to offer, but I did do a ton of research on it a while back. There's a great forum called Bluelight that's about drugs and is focused on harm-reduction, and has lots of people's personal experiences - everything from junkies doing really dangerous stuff to BioChem PhDs having advanced discussions.

    It's a great resource if you want to find info about a drug that isn't just marketing from the pharma companies. I consult it before taking any of the awful prescriptons my docs hand out, and I've prevented myself from taking some potentially addictive and dangerous stuff (I had one crappy neurologist who would just mail me SSRI antidepressants at random with no follow-up).
    Below is a link, if you want to check it out:

    Modafinil -- thoughts and experiences [Archive] - Bluelight


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      Have you had your Vitamin D levels checked?
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        @BestBetter - thanks for the link, I'll give it a look. My insurance company isn't any more flexible than yours, the only reason I can even take Nuvigil is because Cephalon subsidizes the cost of it. Even then, I'd love to be able to stop taking it, the sooner the better.

        @namelesswonder - No, I haven't. I bet they're way low, good call - might be just what I need to kick the need.

        Thanks, both of you!


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          I feel so sorry for you.. no windows... what a world we live in! Maybe you could get a light therapy lamp at your desk? And yes, definetely start supplementing with vitamin D3.
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