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  • Olive oil

    My salad dressing tastes bitter and I finally realized it's the oil. I buy extra virgin, but I buy cheap and if I'm going to eat salads, maybe this is a place I should spend more money.

    Any tips on a decent brand of olive oil I can buy at a supermarket in the US? If not the supermarket, where do people buy good olive oil?

    (and before anyone points out I don't have to eat salads, I know that! But I do feel healthier if I eat some raw salad every day. The yummy fat makes it enjoyable instead of something I choke down).

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    You have to experiment. I keep a really good one for salads and a cheaper one for what cooking I do with it. The good stuff comes from a Greek food shop, Olympic from Kalamata, Greece, $20/l. The bonus is the labneh they make that I buy when I'm there.
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