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Carbs causing acne?

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  • Carbs causing acne?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I'm a teen having trouble with acne. Recently I have been eating a diet of solely vegetables and meat and my inflamed acne has cleared up.

    -Carbs and fruit cause inflamed acne + white tongue
    -Alcohol, when I drink vodka I don't break out in acne but I get a yellowish tongue; I had a glass of champagne a few days ago and I already have new inflamed acne

    I take 10k iu Vitamin D3 every day along with zinc every few days. Nothing has cured my acne except for my bland diet of vegetables and meat; lots of bacon, chicken, other leanish meats, and occasionally fatty meat(surprisingly hard to get here); vegetables: cucumber, broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce. I want to be able to eat a wider variety of foods and incorporate starches but I'm unable to without breaking out.

    At times I feel very high in energy(probably when I eat more fat) and other times I'm very lethargic and moving around abruptly sometimes causes me to be light headed. My poops are infrequent; like every 2/3 days and they are loose, but I don't feel constipated. I do have a white furry tongue; not sure what is causing it. I do sometimes have acid reflux and the hiccups after a meal but I'm a fast eater and I always thought that was why.

    Does anyone know why I'm having these problems and what I could do to solve them?

    I'm away in europe at the moment and meat is rather cheap so eating upto 3 lbs of meat is no problem since it's rather cheap, but when I return to the US theres simply no way I can afford to eat only meat and veggies to fill my caloric needs. I weight lift 3/4x a week and I need to eat quite a lot to maintain energy.

    I know my diet variety sucks and probably isn't healthy in the long run, but it's the only things I can eat a lot of and not break out. I feel tired in the mornings and progress in energy throughout the day with the most in the evenings. Sometimes when I wake I have a soreish throat and a stuffed nose that is gone within 2 hours of waking. I've read that I may have candida but I don't have a way to get tested for it.

    Any help is greatly appreciated; let me know if you need more info.

    I know everything is so disorganized but it's hard for me to get across everything I want to say.

    Diet: Avoid all dairy, legumes, nightshades, grains, cook on vegetable oil, drink only water and tea(could the caffeine be a problem?), and drink a little bit of aloe vera juice mixed with lemon juice every morning(not sure why I read somewhere it would help; not sure if it does help or does worse :S)
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    I can't really offer that much help but my own experience with rosacea. When I eat low carb, it's always been better. Now that I am doing whole30 with no sugar, dairy or grains, taking fish oil every day my skin is the best it's been in years. So I think diet is a huge part and our skin reflects our health and what you eat.

    A food log might help when you get a breakout log what you ate that day and eventually you might find a pattern.


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      As for the constipation, some natural calm magnesium taken at night and daily fish oil should help. It helps my son who struggles with the same thing. Might help other areas as well, who knows.


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        Why you drinking vodka often enough to know this stuff . JK. Anyhow, if you had all these issues prior to eating paleo, then eating this way cleared it up you likely found the trigger. Now you may have to take your time with reintroduction.

        What you do is add one item back to the diet at a time. Wait about a week and gauge your reaction before adding in another item. Continue till something causes a flare....then remove that item and go on to something else.

        When I say item I MEAN item....fruit is not an item, but an apple is...get it?

        Till you find the culprit consider organ meat and bone broth. And in the end meat and vegetables are all you really need.


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          That sounds exactly like an candida overgrowth. The foods you are eating are perfect to help heal this, but you may need further help. See a doctor to get tested for this and see what they recommend.

          Also check out these sites:
          Candida [Candidiasis], The Yeast Syndrome
          GAPS Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) - Natural treatment for autism, ADHD/ADD, dyslexia, dyspraxia, depression and schizophrenia
          Depression Lies


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            How's your sun exposure?
            10k V-D a day is overdoing it, IMO. (I take 2k)
            Also you can take your zinc daily (I take 50/100)
            I cut nightshades for a while as well but I got back on them seeing it really doesn't affect me.
            Lots of bacon and chicken = lots of Omega 6. I'd cut back on it (eggs too) and eat cows.
            Also, take some O3.. and limit your booze.

            The tongue thing sounds like a bacteria, but I have no experience on that.
            Everything is bad for something - How do you feel today?