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Extra carbs on lifting days?

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  • Extra carbs on lifting days?

    Was reading leangins and he recommends a ton of carbs on lifting days (I think 400-600 grams). I felt like I was losing too much muscle mass so I have inceased my carbs on the 2 days I lift. I added a baked potato and a banana with some chocalate almond milk to my protein shake. still under about 150 grams on those days. anyone doing leangains and recommend more carbs

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    not doing leangains, but muscle building really does need carbs to be most efficient!


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      Martin definitely does not recommend 400-600g of carbohydrate on lifting days. He does not recommend a number. He simply advocates that lifting days are "low fat/higher carb" and off days are "moderate fat/lower carb" with protein being on the high end of moderate for all days.

      What you eat strongly depends on your size, weight and goals. I usually eat around 300g of carbohydrate on a lift day and probably sit around 100g on days I don't lift, but YMMV. You have to find out what works for you. A 5'9" 160lb guy shouldn't be eating 600g of carbohydrate unless he's looking for a huge, fast bulk. Also, note that increasing carbs come at the expense of fat. Fat is recommended to be kept low on lifting days to keep calories in check, and when you eat a lot of carbohydrate you store the dietary fat as fat. If you're going to carb load, keep fats as low as possible.
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        You might want to research "Carb Cycling" as good information is out there. I am still trying to find the balance between # carbs on training vs. non-training days. I am not even close to figuring this out as I'm still relatively new. However, it's obvious I crave and eat more fruits days of intense training. I am not sure if that is a physical need, mental permission slip or a mix between the two. Apples, raisins, grapes, strawberries, blueberries, watermelon, pineapple, bananas and cherries are pretty damn good and addicting.

        I agree with ChocoTaco as it depends on numerous factors. Also, I am not sure about this 400-600 number as that seems like a lot regardless of your physical activity.


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          You might want to look at some of these posts. I understand you are looking at correlation with physical activity, so this should help a little. If you're trying to lose weight you should stay low regardless.

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