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Pork hates me i think ...

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  • Pork hates me i think ...

    ...or is it just because am not cooking it right

    i bought a tray of local pork steaks from the local market, it was a bit of a bargain, i have loads of it in the freezer...

    2 weeks prior to discovering/starting PB i had my gallbladder removed...the last couple of times i've eaten this pork...grilled with it's own fat, (some cabbage, sprouts, green beans and butter on the veggies)...which, to my newbie mind i thought was quite a decent primal's given me pain where my GB used to be...?

    i didn't actually make the connection (it's my loony week, sorry tmi) so my belly is a bit on the bloaty side anyway, but, also feeling like my stomach still hasn't digested any of the food at all...

    am completely fine with chicken, beef and fish...i want to be fine with pork too goddammit...or is there another way to cook it so it's more easily digested? (i don't own a slow-cooker)

    has anyone else had this kind of reaction to pork, and if so do they know what it is about it that makes it happen? sorry if a stupid question, still floundering a bit x