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Morning smoothie not holding me over...

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    But if you're eating eggs in the smoothie anyway, why not just have them in solid form? (I can see that maybe spicy sausage or something might be bloaty.) If you down 6, count 'em, 6 fried eggs, you will not be hungry for quite a while. Also 6 eggs=420 calories+cooking fat.

    Liquid calories just don't stay with you as long as solid ones.


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      Update: so this morning I thought, okay, let's try this. Used a cup of coconut milk (canned), two eggs, 3T of coconut oil, along with the rest of the original recipe. It was awesome. Flavorful, thick, barely needed any sweetener. Holy Yum.

      Yeah, the calories, however, are now 836. I had no idea. But 8 carbs, and all wholesome foods. And I'm not hungry. So I may modify a little, but overall, a successful venture.

      Paleobird: unfortunately, everything bloats me. When I eat just eggs cooked, it immediately bloats. Having less to digest means slightly less bloating. Believe you me, this is not my ideal way to eat, but until I kick this thing, I'm stuck. I can't even eat fruit or carby veggies. It's like food torture, and not the good kind. BUT it's doable. I used to have a problem keeping my carbs low -- now I can't get enough in!
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        smoothies never hold me over. never. i eat a breakfast of a decent portion of meat and a large portion of vegetables (usually lightly steamed greens topped with butter). that usually holds me over for quite a while. sorry you can't have solids. maybe make the smoothie and pour it into two portions; save the second portion for later when you're hungry again.
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          Liquid calories are almost never as satiating as solid. When i was bulking I woukd make a smoothie post workout with 2 scoops of whey, coconut water, 2/3 of a sweet potato, and a cup and a half of frozen berries. It was something like 600 calories when it was all said and done, and over 50g of protien. 45 minutes later after I showered up, I could put down another 3-4 eggs fried in coconut oil and two chicken breasts. It was the solid food that would hold me over, not the liquid calorie bomb.

          Your other issue is that the protien in liquid/raw eggs is not as bioavailable as once they're cooked, so your 900 calorie smoothie with 14g of protein may have even less effective protien than you think. Some people are forgetting that it's protien + fat that is satiating, not JUST fat. You're still hungry because your body is likely starved for amino acids; I doubt you can find a natural food source with such a jacked up caloric ratio of fatrotein.