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IF'ers - what is your absolute favourite fast breaker?

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  • IF'ers - what is your absolute favourite fast breaker?

    I generally go 16/8, breaking my fast at 1pm at work with my lunch. Personally I get insanely excited by a big juicy orange, it even seems to smell better when peeling it when I'm good and hungry. And of course, bacon and eggs, also hard to beat.

    How about you?
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    Pre-Primal (I used to do religious fasts a few times a year) it was canned peaches. Dunno why.

    Now it depends on the type of IF I'm in the midst of. 24-32 hour fasts want to be ended with a tenderloin filet seared in coconut oil (or prime rib seared in its own fat) - medium rare both cases. Nothing with it.

    If, however, I'm doing some variation of the 8/16 throughout the week I usually like bitter leafy greens with maybe 2-3 oz protein and a sweet fruit (berries, orange slices, etc) with cucumbers and bell pepper to break my fast.


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      Liver, onions, eggs and chanterelle mushrooms. But I haven't done a 24 hour fast in a while.
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        If I break it in the morning it's usually with bacon, eggs, a bell pepper (not green), maybe some fruit or other veggie. If I break it in the evening it's usually a nice 10oz organic grassfed ribeye, some broccoli, maybe some shrimp, and probably a bell pepper.
        I wish I liked to eat liver.


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          1/2 BBQ chicken, the sweetness the savorness....and then a whole friggen carton of 100% full fat yogurt with strawberries....after heavy squats of course.


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            Hmm...I just started a fast. Now I'm thinking of how it will end.

            When IF'ed before, my fast breaker was always eggs with butter and sometimes bacon. Yum.


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              I pretty much IF daily til noon, then a 40 hour fast once a week. For my daily breakfast, it's just a regular lunch, but after my long weekly fast, I try to really plan out something extremely nutritious like kale in grass-fed butter, liver and onions, bone broth, fresh salmon, etc...

              My theory is that after a long fast, your body really wants to soak in some high quality nutrients and will readily absorb them.