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So what happens to fat after it hits the small intestine?

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  • So what happens to fat after it hits the small intestine?

    Hey guys, been doing paleo/primal based diet for about 8 months now, and am only just now wondering something...

    So we know after the liver and muscle stores for glycogen are full excess sugar is being stored as fat, but what happens when fat is eaten? Does it just stay in the digestive tract, being slowly digested and instantly used for fuel? Or does it travel somewhere and get stored also? Is fat stored as fat too? If they both end up as fat what's the difference? I know there's all the other problems with high sugar diets, that's not my point. WHat I' curious about is what happens to fat when it's digested, after it's been broken down by bile and enzymes. LIke what part of it is used for fuel? I think the glycerol is made partly to glucose and the fatty acids are used for fuel, but how? If there's more than necessary, where is it stored if not as fat? I felt like the answer would be easy to find on google, but there are so many articles about how to burn fat off your body it's hard to find anything about how they're digested. Thanks!

    ps: I have no fat to lose, I am just curious about the science part of it.