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Cholesterol Test - Non Fasted?

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  • Cholesterol Test - Non Fasted?

    So I went to get my blood work done and my doctor said I have high cholesterol not surpised there. However my question is how bad can it mess up a cholesterol test if you havent fasted before hand? my test was done at about 3 in the afternoon and I had a breakfast of 6 eggs and 6 pieces of bacon at about 6:30am and had a couple cups of coffee throughout the day with a little cream. My doctor said it shouldnt cause any issues with the test but that it might come out a little high. Now that the test did come out high I am wondering how much not being fasted could screw the results up?


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    I don't know by how much, but if you want to know, then just schedule a fasted test! Did they tell you the actual number or just say it's high? Because really, it may not be that high and it may not be "dangerous".
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      They said

      total: 306
      LDL: 185

      Which is really why I am wondering if taking the test non fast could mess up the results and to what extent


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        Unfasted jacks it up. To what extent depends on a lot of factors. Your doctor probably was hoping it would come back near normal (unfasted isn't going to lower it) it would be a nonissue.


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          Also, if you are following a Primal way of eating, how long have you been doing so? Your numbers can often be quite high when you're new to this way of eating, but within a few months, your cholesterol should be lower.
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            I was introduced to primal last november but I didnt really get into it and commit to this way of eating until about 4 months ago.


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              Took 3 months for my cholesterol to improve.


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                The cream probably increased those triglycerides seeing as dietary fat is essentially triglycerides. Think of triglycerides and blood glucose being similar. Carbs spike glucose, fat spikes triglycerides. I don't know how much effect it would have, but 219 is enormous considering you've been primal for 4 months.

                Isn't it standard practice for a doctor to tell their patient to fast (10-12 hours) beforehand


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                  Not fasting mucks up the trigs reading but has little effect on the other readings. Problem is that HDL and trigs are the two most important starts in a lipid panel
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                    I was surprised by the Triglycerides being so high. It is standard practice but I went in not planning to have my cholesterol tested and then while I was there he said it would save me an appointment to do it that day and asked when I had last ate. I think I am just going to have them redo the test because I would like to have some sort of base for later on.