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    Hey all,

    Wanna start by introducing myself. Name's Greg, I'm 25, live on the island of Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts with my girlfriend dog and two cats. This place is awesome, beautiful beaches, a buttload of hiking trails, hills, farms. I grew up coming here in the summers and 25 years later, sick of living in crowded unfriendly Miami, FL we decided to pull anchor and change the scenery.

    Anyways since I've been here I'm surrounded by people of the earth, striving to create the perfect balance, living in harmony with the earth.

    I want to get healthier! I've "dieted" before, to some temporary success. My girlfriend is a pescitarian (sp?) and for a while I hopped on that train. I dropped from 198ish to 179ish, which was awesome while it lasted.

    But it didn't last.

    Anyways I heard of this diet at a high school reunion and it seemed to make sense to me.

    This morning I had a 3 egg omelet with pieces of wild alaskan salmon. Delish, and filling too!

    Veggies scare me though (not literally) I'm just not sure how to incorporate them and in what quantities. I know they're important, but according to MDA there are veggies that aren't veggies, bananas are herbs, and a whole mess of other confusion.

    I realize moderation is key but can anyone help shine some light on how they incorporate veggies and stuff other than meat and fat (what kinds/prep/etc.) into their diet?

    I guess what it boils down to is I never realized the prevalence of carbs, so how do you portion the veggies?

    Thanks a lot!

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    Man, you're already going to high school reunions (I'm 24)?! I don't think I'll bother until the 10 yr, and even then, I'm on the fence about it. Nobody I'd really care to see.

    What kind of veggies do you know that you like? If you're not sure about their status (as a legume or grain), no worries, we can set you straight on that Most veggies that are not legumes or starches (or fruits haha) are fairly low carb and you really don't have to worry about how much of them you eat! Broccoli and asparagus are my favorite.

    Starting off, I would say focus on a reasonable serving size of meat/protein (if you're looking to lose fat now, calculate your lean body mass and eat about 1g of meat per lb of lean body mass, that's how much you should have in a day) for the meal, and then have plenty of veggies. Eat them together, eat one at a time, whatever, stop when you're full or the plate is empty. If you're really worried about portions, you could use a tracking site like FitDay and enter in rough serving sizes to determine how much you are eating, but honestly, starting off, I think it's most important to just EAT and if your hunger signals are off (for example, you eat like 2 lbs of meat and some veggies and are still hungry), they will adjust over time as your body gets more comfortable with itself.
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    • #3 are a couple starting points.
      How to Succeed with the Primal Blueprint | Mark's Daily Apple

      As to how I cook veggies.....crock pot. Buy veggies (whatever you like really). Buy fatty (preferably with bone in) hunk of meat. Put 2lbs of veggies in bottom of crockpot for every 1lb of meat or so (or at minumum a 1:1 ratio). Place meat on top. Cook on low for about 8 hours. Eat.


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        I just eat whatever veggies I want, though I limit potatoes to an infrequent treat, and sweet potatoes are limited as well.

        If your goal is to eat his sweet spot of carbs- under 100 a day, it is very easy unless you eat a lot of fruit or sweet potatoes. There isn't really any need to "limit" vegetables.

        I like variety of preperation- everything from raw to cooked depending on my mood. Remember- it is OK to use fat. A lot of veggies are great with some bacon and fill you up more as well.
        Check out my blog. Hope to share lots of great recipes and ideas!


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          Eat leaves and flowers and roots.
          Female, 5'3", 50, Max squat: 202.5lbs. Max deadlift: 225 x 3.


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            Green Smoothies are the best! You put a ton of spinach or kale or romaine into a (good!) blender and then add a cup or two of water and a peach (with pit removed) and/or some berries and/or a banana and it tastes like freshness in a glass!!! And you get a ton of greens without all the taste! They're wonderful! Look up Green Smoothies on an internet search and you'll get tons of info!

            Good luck!!!


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              Awesome thanks for the quick replies! Support like this really makes transitioning into a new lifestyle a whole lot easier!

              How about protein powder? Anyone have any guidance/advice to give in that department?


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                Unless you already have a system for using it in relation to work-outs, I would avoid it entirely for at least the first month. You need to spend some time letting your body adjust to proper food and protein from whole food sources.
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                  I don't worry too much about rationing meat vs veggies, really. For me it comes very naturally since I have always been eating a lot of vegetables.

                  I love to eat broccoli, carrots, root beet, celery etc. In case you are a bit "scared" of veggies, you could always try to sneak them in: adding carrots and root beet to a beef stew is a quick and easy way, for instance. You can check out my blog, linked below, where I keep track of what I eat for some suggestions.


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                    Thanks kirs, I'll be surprised if you go back after 30 days after seeing how good the food your making looks!


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                      So today I had

                      - a 3 egg omelet with salmon with the pan greased in butter

                      - a burrito bowl with no rice and beans, just 1/2 cup beef and 1/2 cup chicken, salsa, peppers, lettuce, and hot sauce

                      - hand full of blueberries and almonds

                      - Porter house steak
                      - Steamed cauliflower/broccoli mix
                      - Mushrooms in butter
                      - Fresh garden salad with dijon mustard sauce
                      - 1 Glass 1989 French Bordeaux

                      And I passed up on my favorite toll house pie!

                      I know I should probably have my big meal before 7pm but other than that, how do you guys think I'm doing?

                      I'm hovering around the 200 lbs mark at 5'10 and I'm looking to lose about 25 lbs


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                        I eat a salad every afternoon ( spinach, avocado, peppers, cucumber, tomato, chicken) and for dinner usually a dark green veggie ( spinach, broccoli rabe, or mixed frozen veggies) and meat.


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                          That looks about perfect, I'd say you've got the right idea. As you go on, you'll naturally gravitate toward fresh, non-processed stuff and end up with things like making your own salsa.

                          Are you doing the rest of the blueprint too? I've found that not just the diet but the whole package is making the difference for me in how I feel.


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                            Went for a 2.25 mile hike after dinner in my new FiveFingers "shoes" (if you want to call them that) at a nice slow hour long pace. According to mapmyrun I burned 565 calories. Feeling a good tired, not just a sleepy tired, more like an end of the day tired. Gonna drink a bunch of water and pass out!


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                              I have to get me a pair of those ... although my feet are so huge I think I would look ridiculous, I want to try them out. Sounds like you had a good day, give yourself a lot of credit and smile as you hit the pillow tonight. You're winning!