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  • Snacks for little ones?

    What do you feed your children for snacks? I have a 3 yr old (he does well with pretty much anything) and a 1yr old with only 4 teeth, so I need some ideas!

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    I have twin 3 year old boys that basically never stop eating...their bodies are pretty much revolving doors, and also a 5 year old that eats pretty normal. Our kids are not fully primal as we allow some grains in their diet during meals. Snacks usually are baby carrots, apples, berries, bananas, greek yogurt with fruit added for sweetness, a serving of Marks Primal Protein Bars, dark chocolate chips (if they are good), cut up red/yellow pepper strips, etc. Your oldest should be fine with just about anything...not sure about the 1 year old...we weren't primal when any of my kids were that young. Hope it helps!


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      Since switching to primal I have stopped offering food except for meal times. If my 2yo or 4yo are hungry, they can ask for a snack. I find this is healthier than putting food out a lot as I think they were eating before just because the food was there. We leave their meal plates on the table for them to munch on though as well since they rarely finish what is served. If they do ask for snacks, it's generally cheese (slice off a hunk), cut up fruit, nuts, or sliced veggies. We do allow some rice Chex cereal as well.
      Your 1yo should be able to do most fruits. Cut them up in long strips for him to chew on. We weren't primal back then, but have always leaned toward healthy things and so fed mostly fruits and veggies at that age. Both my kids really liked sweet potato fries from a young age. They need a lot of carbs, so don't worry about that.


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        Favorites at our house (for a 2 year old) include "Gorilla Snacks" --slices of banana with almond butter on them-- and "Lion Snacks" --chunks of cheddar cheese wrapped in a thin strips of ham or turkey. We named them after being at the zoo one day....
        When the kid was littler, "bananacado" was our go-to: banana and avocado mashed together. Fatty, a bit sweet, and delicious!
        If you can get your kids to eat hummus, that's great with strips of sweet pepper. (Not strictly primal, but if you make it yourself with properly soaked chickpeas, pure tahini and real olive oil, it's a much better choice than many processed options.)
        He'll eat any type of fruit. A bowl of berries is a treat he loves so much I can bribe him with it.
        Frozen peas are also fun to eat. (Keeps 'em busy for a while.)


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          with mom: pop-tarts, junk cereal, cupcakes, icecream, chocolate milk, fast food, candy

          with me: peppers, apples, eggs, milk, nuts, cheese, yogurt, and the occasional treat to keep her from hating her time with me.

          Being separated sucks...
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            Well, I went primal the first time, I had my two nephews living with me. Oldest was 7 and a total fast food loving carboholic. The youngest was 13 months and very small for his age. He would eat just about anything though. We grill a lot, so I got in the habit of throwing a few extra sweet potatoes on the grill for the little guy. I'd cool them, stick em in the fridge and cut them into hunks. Presto! Snack.

            I also gave him cheese sticks, frozen cream cheese cubes, apple slices, Justin's Nut Butter packets (almond butter was his fave), melon cubes, leftover fish (he loved tuna steak cubes), hunks of roast beef (one of his faves), and during his teething phase, I let him chew on frozen melon cubes and steak bones.

            I used to make homemade freezepops too, by blending full-fat greek yogurt, frozen berry blend, a tiny bit of honey in a blender til it was all the same smooth consistency. Then I'd pour into a mold, put sticks in and freeze it. Presto. Snack time!

            Larabars were another popular snack around here. He also liked Ella's Squeezes and applesauce cups for when we went to the park.

            One of the other posters mentioned not giving your kids snacks and just letting them ask for them. I disagree to a certain extent. I think snack times are like meal times, they should be fairly routine for younger ones. Now, should you be feeding them every hour or so? Probably not. Most of the time, little ones aren't really, hungry, they're thirsty. Or at least my little guy was 90% of the time. We spent a lot of time outdoors, walking, hiking, playing at the park, etc. If I offered him food first, he'd eat and then be all draggy. If I gave him water, he'd drink it all and then he wouldn't fuss til it was time to go home. He'd sometimes eat a small snack in the car or right after we got home. Other times, not.