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    Originally posted by thehallowprince View Post
    Water is boring... come on people, don't pretend it isn't. I can totally drink water all day long... but not with a meal. I simply cannot drink water with a meal, I just gotta have something with flavour.
    Sounds like you need tastier meals!

    Seriously, though, I'm afraid I do love water. Just plain water. Absolutely my drink of choice... has been ever since I was a little girl. No idea why, but threads like this, and living with another soft drinks addict, make me very glad it's the case!

    Pukka do some actually tasty herb teas. Another one you might try is the Teapigs range - especially mint and liquorice, which is utterly delicious.

    If you find any way to break the addiction (and, from what I've seen, there's really no other word for it), I'd love to know!
    Went primal for the weight loss, stayed for the quality of life!


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      Originally posted by thehallowprince View Post
      Paleo eating has been a pinch for me. I've lost over 100 lbs and have kept it off (although I have wavered up and down a bit during on-wagon and off-wagon (cough cough Christmastime) moments.


      The one demon that i have continued to fight is diet soda. I don't smoke. I don't do drugs. I don't even drink alcohol. Besides the diet soda my body is pure as driven snow.

      Water is boring... come on people, don't pretend it isn't. I can totally drink water all day long... but not with a meal. I simply cannot drink water with a meal, I just gotta have something with flavour.

      When I was fat me (300+lbs) I drank my weight in Mt. Dew.
      Then for most of my paleo life I drank Diet Mt. Dew (my one vice, but it has it's consequences, of course.)
      As for the last month and a half I've been on Diet Caffeine Free Mt. Dew.

      I have given up caffeine completely and I am 10000x better for it. Better sleeping habits. Less cravings. Better moods. Less depression. To each his own but to me caffeine was a destructive, addictive drug of pure hell.

      Baby steps, they say...

      That's why I do the caffeine free diet mt. dew... which isn't good in any way shape or form but it's a bridge toward something better. Quitting soda involves a strong addiction to the fake sugar as well as the caffeine. Now that i'm off the caffeine that leaves only one demon to battle.

      If I am ever to rid myself of this demon I must replace it with something. They say nobody can really get ride of addiction, only replace it. I can easily drink water all day long... but I need something with some sort of flavor to have at lunch and dinner.

      So what do you drink...?

      I personally hate lemons and adding a "drop" of something to water isn't adding flavour. I don't drink coffee (decaf or not), and I am extremely lactose intolerant so heavy cream is a total no go. Also I hate alcohol.

      What about Orange juice... like that Simply Orange stuff... is that any good (as is healthy)...
      I drink the runny egg yolks that are left on my plate.

      but you should make smoothies from coconit milk and fruit or something
      well then


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        I didn't drink much red wine but it was playing havoc with my blood sugar so I quit drinking it in January. When I went organic in March I gave up Diet Pepsi. Horrible headaches for a fortnight !

        I picked up the bottled water habit in France as a teenager, where everyone drinks bottled mineral water with meals. Fruit juices are full of fructose, juice drinks have fructose or HFCS (glucose-fructose syrup here) and instant coffee is processed.

        So herb teas, Brooke Bond Taj Mahal tea (#1 tea in India), Earl Grey and above all..



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          I understand where you're coming from thehallowprince. I used to be a soda addict myself. I managed to give it up before I found living Primal though. This was a few years ago. Basically whenever I wanted a soda I would drink juice instead. I know now that I was just replacing one sugary drink for another though.

          My drink of choice was usually some sort of V8 fruit juice. The trick is to make the switch slowly. Every day try and drink a little less juice/soda and a little more water. I've got to the point that I drink water all the time and rarely anything else and it doesn't feel like a sacrifice. I genuinely like water now and when I'm thirsty it's my go to drink. If someone had told me that I'd like water as mush as I do a few years ago I would have laughed at them, I used to hate it.

          I do drink some tea sometimes too. I'm not too worried about caffeine though. You could try peppermint tea, it has no caffeine.

          Don't know if this will help you any but I wish you luck in quitting soda. Also congrats on the huge weight loss.


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            Water. I also drink some crystal light as a treat.


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              Ilike tea, coffee, (only small and once a morning or I don't sleep), hibiscus tea, nettle tea - wine....


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                I used to drink a lot of soda every day. I quit cold turkey when I started eating Paleo. You just have to have the willpower to do it.

                During the day, I'll have water that I add lemon and lime juice to, with a tiny pinch of salt. No sweeteners. The lemon/lime mix is very refreshing, and they have a lot of electrolytes. Sometimes I'll have the same thing with dinner.
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                  Water with lemon, club soda, now I'm on an iced coffee kick. Usually decaf and black or w coconut milk. coconut water is a treat for me. Unsweetened iced tea with lemon!


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                    Thanks everyone... I never even thought about caffeine free tea...
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                      Iced black tea and lemon. If it's good tea (Rishi Earl Grey is a favorite) no sweeteners needed. Of course the trick is finding a good decaffeinated version. I've yet to meet one. But at a max of 2 glasses a day I'm okay with Caffeinated. If you're totally off caffeine that might not work for you.


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                        Water isn't boring. Often it's really scary or really pretty.

                        I drink coffee, wine, bloody marys and plain water. Sometimes when I'm hiking I put an Endurolyte Fizz in there. Once in a while I'll have a V-8.
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                          Flavored water, HINT, is my favorite, so many flavors and they even have fizzy ones now!


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                            I start my day with a cup or two of coffee, usually with a little bit of coconut oil in it. Then water the rest of the day up through dinner. After dinner it's usually a glass or three of red wine or scotch.


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                              Flavored water, HINT, is my favorite, so many flavors and they even have fizzy ones now!
                              Oh I love Hint!! Watermelon and pear are my faves. You can reuse the bottles for awhile before they start to lose flavor too, which is nice.

                              Nowadays, I drink lots of water. I also drink unsweetened coconut milk and occasionally I drink green tea, caffeine free tea, and homemade juices.


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                                I like to grind up some fruit (skins and seeds, too) and then used it to enhance water, it's really refreshing.
                                The only other things I drink are plain water and coffee/espresso with a bit of heavy whipping cream.
                                The coffee and cream do have a tendency to keep me from wanting to eat for a few hours, though. Not exactly a deterrent if I only drink it in the morning.