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Organic kelp granules

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  • Organic kelp granules

    So I have a question, iodine related. I picked up some organic kelp granules from Whole Foods to help w/ my iodine intake, which I doubt is up to the RDA - get my iodine mostly from eggs, eat seafood 1-2 times a week. Anyway, 1/4 tsp gives 3 mg of iodine, which is clearly a lot more than the 150 mcg RDA, and less than that amount is difficult to use for anything. I am just wondering what a safe level of iodine is, how anyone would recommend approaching this (like every other day, for example), what they use it on when they use it, etc. I have read conflicting reports on what happens to excess iodine as well, some say your body excretes it out and some say it causes problems. Confused, just wanted some guidance, thanks.