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    Hello, Folks. I've started trying to eat the primal way in April. To give you some stats, I was 239 lbs and my Doctor got my blood tests back and passed out. She's okay now, but she asked me to lose some weight! (I'm kidding, she never passed out).

    Well, losing weight has not been an issue. I did some research into the best way to lose weight and ended up at Marks Daily Apple. I also read The Primal Blueprint. Since the end of April (2012) to now (July 7) I've lost 22lbs. Thats about 2 lbs a week, which I've read is a healthy, safe number for weight loss. I can't say I'm totally primal (partly becasue I'm still not sure what that means, and partly because of what I eat).

    I don't get hungry often - but I didn't get hungry often before. However, I've always been a mostly a meat eater anyway. I was in the 160-170's for most of the 90's. In the early 2000's, I decided to eat "healthier" and added lots of bread and pasta and grains, most of which I can't stand but ate because it was "good" for me. Over time, I also started drinking a lot of soda, mostly Dr. Pepper. Last year, till around Oct, I was drinking about 6 a day. Seriously. So you as you can see, not a recipie for weight loss. And it worked! I gained weight steadily. So since Oct of last year, I've cut the Dr. Pepper (and other soda) out almost completely. Pretty much only have a soda now when I see a movie..which is itself a rare event. And since April, I've cut most of the bread and cereals out.

    So, now my diet consists mostly of Fruit (Apple, Bannana, Strawberries, pinapple, etc), salads with basic lettuce types, cucumbers and tomatoes, and of course lots of meat. I'm working on getting the meats to better sources as I mostly eat hamburger now. I was buying lots of chicken and turkey as well, but after reading on the forums here it appears I was buying the wrong kinds. Not a great cook and not a fan of cooking in general, so I was buying deli meat and just adding it to the salads for the protien.

    So, I was wondering what you other primal picky eaters like? I looked at the recipie section of the forum and I'm just not going to be eating a lot of that. I figure I can't be the only one, but most of the picky eater section is about kids (maybe that's the problem I'm not seeing? ). So, any adult picky eaters out there?

    I have to say, I don't really enjoy eating much at all anway, I do it mostly because starvation seems so final. I thought about supplements, and even though Mark sells them himself, it seems to violate the eat naturally paradigm of Primal. So I'm hoping there would be some suggestions. Or, if what I'm eating is good enough, does it matter?

    Sorry for the long post, but wanted to give a bit of info about how I've eaten and how I now eat so you'd have more information to base a response. Thanks, gals and guys.
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    Moving from hamburger to some bone in beef slow roasted in a crock pot is an idea if you like beef. The bone in will actually give you some of the benefits of bone broth and you can use some veges under the "roast" to suck up all the yummy fat.

    Actually cooking any animal closer to whole form (bone in and fat not taken off) would enhance both flavor and nutritional value.