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    I dropped the 10 lbs I had gained since I quit running, finally. Thanks to 4 days a week of Crossfit and learning more about stretching I am able to run again and will be participating in a half-marathon later this year. However, I want to maintain my weight and even lose more fat but gain muscle. (I am at 25% fat and want to get down below 22%, where I was 10 years ago). This has always been hard for me to do when I start logging some serious miles, and is compounded by the fact that I have a slight aversion to eating a lot of food. (I just can't seem to consume a lot). I am using ProGenex Recovery after a Crossfit workout and that seems to help. DOes anyone have any other recommendations? I am a 49 year-old female, 5'10", 136 lbs.

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    No one has any suggestions??


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      This is what's working for me. I run 6-miles per day easy. On weight lift days I end the workout with a 5- minute tabata on the stationary bike. I'm in for a marathon in September. I had an easy 12-miler this morning in 80+ temps. I feel god with no post run afterglow. I've finished 15 mararathons, at least four 50k's and a 50-miler. I'll see how good it works in September but at this point I no longer see much value in 3-hour training runs. If you want to preserve muscle, it takes weight training and eating. I've had many run training cycles eating CW that resulted in weight gain and it was not muscle making me heavier. PB with fewer run miles has lead to weight loss, muscle gain and PR's at multiple distances.


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        Lose weight and retain muscle by doing strength training and being sure to have plenty of protein. Low carb primal works especially well. I would add walking in too. As to the running, you seem to really enjoy and want to do it. It may actually slow/impede your goals though. 4 days of crossfit + running is over training in my book. If you were doing a strength specific program that is not some sort of hybrid workout like CF is it might be different. Oh, and 5'10" 136.....Seems healthy to me, are you sure you need to lose more?


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          No no! I don't want to lose weight, I want to maintain my body weight but have more muscle and less fat. Oddly enough at CF box we do actually do more strength training than cardio (i define cardio as rowing, running, cycling etc.). Pace2race it is good to hear that someone can maintain weight and run miles too. I appreciate both response, BTW