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  • How dare you?

    I was reviewing my progress today.
    Reviewing yourself is important. I believe one should do it every month or so.
    I look better. Leaner, muscular, more alert around the eyes. Hair's better, teeth's better, skin's better.
    More energy, more confident, more strength. Much more self control, sense of capability.

    We're programmed to desire more. In my eyes, that's one of the most wonderful characteristics one can posses.
    The ability to say "I want more, I deserve more, I'm gonna get it and I'm willing to work for it, push myself harder than ever" instead of settling with the existing situation. Just beautiful.
    However, it can lead to frustrations.

    When we decide to change, and things don't change the way or in the rate we wished or expected,
    we tend to stress over it. "Why am I not losing weight? Why am I not getting leaner? Why can't I lift more?"
    Even though we've been living with that unwanted situation for many years, decades even, we get to a place of anxiety rather fast, when things don't go according to the plan.
    When our expectations don't meet reality, we feel almost helpless. But were they rational to begin with?

    Isn't it simply rude to have such expectations after years of self abuse with a stationary life and bad diet?

    What about the ability to accept your current state? Are we doomed to stay in this race, chasing after better figure, clearer skin, getting the abs shredder, lose just a few more pounds, while always envisioning a better self, a perfect self?

    I feel like that on some point along the way, we forgot loving ourselves.
    We forgot to truly relish on our accomplishments, our victories - big or small.
    We lost contact with reality, with our past.
    We became too greedy.
    Everything is bad for something - How do you feel today?