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No lentils/beans? Really?

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    I was a vegetarian for 15yrs but I didn't knowingly eat lentils then and would only use canned beans so they were pre-cooked.
    I don't eat them at all now. Recently I ate organic houmous and it gave me terrible indigestion. Not a good idea as there's a shortage of Milk of Magnesia at the moment here !

    For lentil lovers suggest Rose Elliot's book Not Just A Load Of Old Lentils.


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      Originally posted by ToldUzo View Post
      But we are also the only animals on this planet that cook our foods, ferment it, cultivate it and so on... maybe that is what makes us humans? If you eat clean, preferably organic and local foods all in moderation, then the variety might not be so bad for health? Only if you can tolerate dairy etc. of course (most are fine with raw).
      Bears at times will kill or injure their prey, eat a bit, then bury it in a shallow grave to let it tenderize. That's a form of fermentation. As others mentioned, some ants & other insects will induce fungal growth to feed their young or themselves.

      Ants will bury any dead ant they come across, irregardless of whether they are the same kind of ant. I thought that was an interesting hive mentality. It must have a pay-off for them to do this, keeping things tidy.

      Some insects are food herders, which is kind of cultivation-like. Bugs are pretty cool, & pretty tasty & nutritious too (but that's a topic covered on another thread, bug eating)
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        One of the reasons I've had SUCH a hard time going primal again is the fact that I personally need a lot of carbs right now. I tried to low carb once before, but I'm breastfeeding. I found that low-carbing made my supply dip, and with a baby that is attached at the nip, it's hard for me to cut out grains again. When I did, the supply went down.

        I don't get gassy from beans and lentils. I never have, surprisingly enough.

        In your more experienced opinions, would switching to lentils/beans be better than grains? Do any of you know if it would impact breastfeeding?