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  • Typical newbie fat question

    Am I eating too much fat?

    Last seven days: 144, 109, 120, 109, 130, 131, 136.

    Each day fat has accounted for at least 58% of my total calories.

    Sources: almonds, bacon, beef, salmon, eggs, olives, chicken, salad dressing, butter, aged cheese, and (a tiny bit of the one bad thing I can't quit yet) peanut butter.

    I have an active job, but am getting minimal exercise due to work, heat, and graduate school.

    I've reached a plateau in weight loss after about five pretty good weeks of losing 2 lbs/week. Am I over indulging in fats?

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    It's not the fat, but how many calories are you consuming on a daily basis?


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      It varies between 1500 and 1900, with the average being right at 1700. My BMR is 1580, but I'm pretty sure I'm active enough to burn more than the difference.


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        Definitely not too much fat or calories. Are you making your own salad dressing? If not I would. Also, try subbing macadamia nut butter for the peanut butter but try not to eat too many nuts...those could be stalling your weight loss. Substitute coconut oil.
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          Too few calories in my opinion. Never drop below your BMR. Your BMR is basically what you'd burn laying in bed all day doing nothing. Through out the course of your typical day, you burn much more than that, even with an office job! Total calories do matter, primal or not.


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            Originally posted by tradawg View Post
            Also, try subbing macadamia nut butter for the peanut butter but try not to eat too many nuts...
            I can't eat macadamia nuts. The taste/texture/mouth-feel makes me ill. Even back in my carb eating days, I would turn down cookies with them in there. Just thinking about them...shudder. I'll try to cut down on the nuts, but they're my only source for some vitamins.


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              You don't need as much vitamin E if you aren't eating SAD, so I'm told.
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