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  • Is it possible.....

    ..... to go primal if you really do not like the taste of eggs? Seems as though so many recipes, esp breakfast choices rely on eggs. What other sorts of things do people do for breakfast? I really don't think i'm ready for savoury breakfast like vegetables or soup. Would love to hear any ideas.
    ps. I'm new here, can you tell?!

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    There's no rule that says you have to have eggs for breakfast, or at all. Have chicken. Have beef. Have pork. Have fish. Have dinner leftovers. Have whatever animal protein you want; you won't be kicked out of the club for not eating eggs.
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      How about yoghurt and berries and nuts?? I don't think i can face meat first thing in the morning and i really am a breakfast person, at the moment anyway. Seems quite a few of you skip it now though?


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        or mixed fruits with avocado
        yeah you are

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          My baby was primal for a good 6 months before she could tolerate eggs. I normally had some sort of meat and fruit for breakfast for her.
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            yes. you can have whatever you want for brekkie, i reckon bubble and squeak, sans egg. nice.


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              *My obligatory intro

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                I'm a big fan of whole fat plain greek yogurt with cinnamon, honey and walnuts for breakfast.


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                  YOu may find soon you do like eggs though I didn't like avocado before primal and now I love it


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                    Thanks peeps! Some good suggestions. I feel hopeful!


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                      Plenty of people can't or don't eat eggs. Don't sell soups short - they make a great breakfast!
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                        I generally don't bother with breakfast these days.

                        I had two slices of pork belly until recently.

                        If I'm doing my kettlebell swings in the morning, I'll have some smoked salmon and sauerkraut an hour before.
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