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Going on a month of primal then blew it!

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  • Going on a month of primal then blew it!

    Hi! I'm new to this diet, lifestyle but have found it to be fantastic!! I feel great. I love that I am not working out 3 hours a day. The food is good. It has been easy and kind of fun. I had been eating grain free for a little over 3 months before switching over to almost 100% primal (I think I am still eating far to many nuts and peanut butter to fully qualify). I have very few cravings besides the idea of what it used to taste like. I have a lot more energy and can fast without any complications. However, I took one little sip of some ice cream concoction my son had and that was it! I mean not even just a little slip up. I jumped ship and went overboard! And then some! The next day it was like having the worst hangover. I was tired, mean, hungry, mean. For those of you who may have experienced something similar, is this going to last long? Will I be able to get back on track? I feel like this could spiral into craziness. One of the biggest things I still deal with eating primal or not is eating when Im hungry not for the other million reasons I have and stopping when I'm full. These seem to be very bad habits to break.

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    No big deal, just carry on. It's not like you cheated on your spouse, you ate some sugar.

    People who think eating one "bad thing" means they screwed everything up, end up quitting. It's not a big deal, just eat better.
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      I have serious issues with experiences like this - I hate the term 'sugar addiction' but that's pretty much what I have I think! I recently found out that ice cream (unless homemade and low sugar) sends me into an out of control spiral down to binging! Funnily enough, other cheats dont... I've learnt what I can manage and not from experiences like this so just learn from it and move on.

      I find the longer I'm primal for the faster that mean, tired and hungry feeling goes away. Before it used to take me around 4 days to get over it (especially my digestive system), now it's about 1 day of hell and then back to waking up with energy and no cravings

      Hope you feel better soon!


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        Originally posted by Sarahmarielund View Post
        I jumped ship and went overboard! And then some! The next day it was like having the worst hangover.
        Heheh, we've pretty much all done it - don't beat yourself up! To me, the important thing is recognising how you feel afterwards.

        Think of yourself like a toddler learning "the stove is hot/don't touch". More and more you'll find yourself weighing up those few seconds of flavour against the day/s of feeling like death. The more the fat burning brain gets to be in charge, the less of a danger zone sweet stuff becomes.

        For what it's worth, I had the worst sweet tooth and, without any effort/willpower/virtue on my part, it's not only vanished - I actually find the taste of sweet food a really unpleasant sensation now!

        Be patient and kind to yourself, and next time you see that ice cream? Remember how it made you feel!
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          What everyone else is saying. Hang in and have fun with life, don't beat youself up over something like eating "bad" once in a while.....
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            Biggest tip ever - change the language you use to describe learning experiences like this. You simply ate sugar/ice cream. Really. And learned that it has x-effect on you. The only way you can seriously "blow it" is to throw everything that is Primal out the window and never go get it back.

            "Blow it" is diet talk. This is a global, comprehensive Way of Eating and also a Lifestyle and also a Journey. You WILL learn along the way what non-Primal foods do to you, and you will adjust accordingly. Each of us has tweaks that we need to make, either for health reasons, or psychological reasons, or even just "screw this, this is my 20%" reasons. You will learn what you can tolerate a lot of and what you can tolerate a little of and what you can tolerate none of.

            A month is too little time to kill the Sugar Dragon - I battle it, too. So my second tip is: give yourself time. Stick close to the core Primal principles, and give it time. It will sort out.
            I have a mantra that I have spouted for years... "If I eat right, I feel right. If I feel right, I exercise right. If I exercise right, I think right. If I think right, I eat right..." Phil-SC


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              Stop being on a diet. Consider this a lifestyle where straying from the optimal happens once in a while.

              I know eating a bunch of desserts and sweets will give me a hangover the next day. And sometimes I make the choice to splurge anyway. I don't do it often, and I don't eat as much crap as I did back in the day. But its like anyone who drinks too much and while hungover says "omigod I'll never drink again." Yes you will.

              There is no 100% perfect primal lifestyle. Some people eat "perfectly" but don't sleep enough. Some people are still cardio addicts. Some eat like shit half the time, but exercise optimally. Some eat 3 meals a day, some eat 1. So don't sweat it about "many nuts and peanut butter to fully qualify"...nobody is going to check your fridge and there's no entrance exam.

              Go back to eating primally at the next opportunity. And stop being on a diet.
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                It will last as long as you want it too. I laugh at these posts. Just live ur life. When you were on your cw diet did the world blow up every time you ate a peice of bacon? I ate a donut last night. I am not dead. This life style honestly makes people crazy. Your going to die of heart attacks due to stress.


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                  Ps. Peanut butter has like 16 carbs in a tbs. that's a lot. Ur done.