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Poitive ANA- Diagnosis rubbish

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  • Poitive ANA- Diagnosis rubbish

    Hi there,

    I am new to this primal eating, very very new being a former veggie.
    It all began with sore joints, fatigue, face rashes, headaches, no sleep and general aches and pains,constipation and nausea, depression and mood swings, bloating and stomach pain.
    I put it down to life changes and then started to think that maybe there was more to this when my hands and fingers were so sore that I felt like chopping them of.
    I had the blood test and came back with a positive ana and also my cholesterol had crept up and my sugar levels even though not diabetes they were borderline. One doctor said straight up Lupus, another celiac all guessing.
    Because of the ANA I got sent to a rhuemy and he diagnosed fibromyalgia, for some reason (well not really could have been the I don't really care attitude) my husband who came with me thought that this was a cop out diagnosis and decided that we thought that the inflamation and problems relating were more diet related, we did some research on the internet and Fibro diagnosis was certain points and out of these I only had about four the rest were unrelated.
    I cut out wheat, oats. dairy and guess what an improvment, I also lost 5kg from doing nothing but cutting out these food groups. Progressing along I cut out all of my grains but have now found that I am craving chocolate and generaly craving grains like mad even though I know that they are not good for me. Can anyone give me some hints on how long before this craving goes away and if maybe I should stay away from Sugars as I am wondering if this is also and issue with me. I seem to have them worst in the morning when I don't know what to eat for bkfst.

    Good health to all.