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Primal 3mths, Keto-adapted 6 wks - BF increase? Suggestions?

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  • Primal 3mths, Keto-adapted 6 wks - BF increase? Suggestions?

    I've been primal for 3-4 mths, and 1st few months no change in weight (was fairly lean to begin with but still about 3kgs over preferred lean state). I've been in ketosis now for 6 weeks and have been through 'ketosis hell' and come through the other side. During my transition I dropped my training to get over injuries and burnout. Haven't trained alot in last 3-4 mths to help adaptation. Have started increasing my exercise again, and currently am IF using bullet-proof protocol, only in the last week or so as I couldn't handle exercise in fasted state and being in ketosis. In second week found that training felt better, so still currently having BP coffee prior to exercise. Still not up to my preferred volume/intensity, but will keep working at increase. seems I've put on bodyfat. Reading Mark's Primal BP fitness, it's probably too much fats. The only thing is, when I put in all my stats before I was in ketosis, grams fat required to lose 3kgs over 8 weeks was 55g! No way is that sustainable at present, given my fat intake is about 60-70%. Protein I'm doing about 95g p/day which seems reasonable (around 30%). My carbs would be lucky to hit 30g p/day (about 5%). Have upped sodium and magnesium (was getting alot of muscle cramping). Was thinking to keep on BP protocol for one month and see how I go, as I'm not doing anywhere near the level of exercise prior to beginning primal. I may have lost muscle during the process and my BMR may have dropped. I'm currently sitting on about 62kgs (and increasing) and my lean weight is 57kgs. The frustrating part is that I hadn't increased weight until recently. Maybe I just need to give my body time to adapt to exercise in keto state and allow my BMR to increase as my resistance training increases. Still have that knawing feeling about my fat levels being too high. BTW, I'm 43yrs old and considered fairly fit, am muscular, and am not aware of any hormonal problems (though I've never been tested). I do tend to suffer from low blood pressure, but all stats (prior to primal/ketosis) were all normal. Does anyone who's keto-adapted and IF have any suggestions? It would be greatly appreciated. Even better if you're female and over 40yrs (am I asking for too much?).
    ***I have BP coffee in morning (with cream); eat between 2-8pm and fast until the next morning. Non-training days I have 1 tbsp of coconut oil with BP coffee & on training days I have 2tbsp MCT oil with BP coffee.*****
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