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  • Primal Nutrition Both Sides of the Pond

    BestBetter mentioned irradiated food in a post and that had me scurrying off to look at the Food Standards Agency's website because I was thinking eek, glow in the dark veg. I was really relieved to find that though it is allowed in the UK and EU it has to be labelled. I've never seen it myself in the UK, France and Portugal so I figure it must be rare here.

    Anyway that got me thinking along the lines of two nations divided by a common language, let's have some fun busting a few food myths and sharing some practical advice.


    Is it true that in the USA you can buy nitrate free bacon ? And that by law bacon with nitrates in the US has to contain ascorbic acid as well ?

    Do any airlines do Primal food ?

    If not and flyers take a picnic, what can/can't they bring into the US/Canada/UK ?

    Is GM food labelled in the US/Canada/UK ?

    Which American/British/Canadian restaurant chains do Primal food ?

    Is it true there's a broccoli shortage in the UK right now and it's being imported from the US ?

    Can I get grass fed organic 100% beef burgers( no bun) in NYC?

    Do British McDonald's have salad ?

    Is it true you have HFCS in the EU now ?

    Where can I find a decent steak in <insert city> ?

    Anything to do with the nutritional and practical differences either side of the Atlantic in a light hearted manner.. what d'you think ?

    I'll kick off by saying British McDonald's should all have salad but you won't find root beer..

    Under 0.9% GM ingredients in products don't have to be labelled in the UK but aren't allowed in organic.

    Meat, poultry and food products such as milk, cream, butter, yogurt, cheese and eggs don't have to be labelled if they come from GM fed animals/poultry but farmers can't feed GM ingredients to animals/poultry destined to be organic and that includes their products too, organic is GM free

    Personally I've only found one bacon in UK which doesn't have nitrates and it's not available much.

    Yes we have HFCS, it's called glucose-fructose syrup and the proportion of glucose and fructose isn't labelled so we don't know if it's really HFCS90..

    Yes there is a broccoli shortage and prices have been as much as 4.99 GBP per kilo in some supermarkets.