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I wanna be fat-adapted!

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  • I wanna be fat-adapted!

    I just read a MDA article on how to know if you are fat-adapted. What I took away from the article was knowing that I am definitely NOT fat adapted! I am a totally wacked-out sugar burner. My question, knowing where I am, is how to get there from here.

    I have been eating primally for 4 weeks, and I'm still having major blood sugar crashes every day. It got so severe that I have added tubers (sweet potato, jicama) to my evening meal, just to up my carbohydrates a little bit. I tried eating VLC, but I was feeling sicker than sick, and it wasn't getting better, even after the low carb flu should have passed.

    I am eating a lot of fat, protein and leafy vegetables, some nuts, a little nut butter, some seeds, a little fruit, avacadoes, LOTS of bacon, a little frozen fruit with heavy cream for dessert, and the odd sweet potato fried in bacon grease (I am grateful to whoever it was that shared that idea).

    No grains, sugar or dairy.

    I don't know how to become fat-adapted, but I do know that junk food isn't the answer. I'm hoping I'm not the 1 person in a million who can't succeed at eating this way. Help me, if you can.

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    I did not shake off the sugar crashes until I dropped all fruit and sweet potatoes. White potatoes, on the other hand are benign. It's fructose I seemed to be most sensitive to.
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