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  • Should I Dropping Weight This Fast


    New forum member here, new PB eater.

    I'm a mid-40's male. Got back into biking about 9 months ago (MTB specifically). Over the last 6 month's I've been doing basic calorie counting on the Livestrong/MyPlate site and riding 4 days a week or so and have dropped about 30 pounds to get down to 237.

    I read Mark's book over vacation. Gradually started cutting back grains etc, in the process. This last friday (5 days ago) I started implementing the full dietary program. [I was going to do the exercise program too, but that same day I went out on a ride, fell and badly bruised a rib so I've been in the injured list; anything that requires even a moderately deep breath felt like getting stabbed, so I've been taking it easy and just doing very short very slow walks.]

    I've been averaging about 1800 to 1900 calories a day; 50-60% Fat , 25-30% Protein, 14-18% Carbs (less than 100g except for 1 day when I ate too much fruit). I've also been taking a good multi-vit and taking about 5g of fish oil every day.

    That's pretty much what I've been doing the last 5 days. For the first couple days I felt in a bit of a fog mentally, but was not unduly hungry at any point.

    As a result I've been loosing about a pound a day. 232.3 this morning. This rate of loss seems improbable. It would be difficult to achieve that calorie deficit if I were riding several hours a day which has not been happening.

    The obvious answer seems to be water weight loss. This got me thinking about the Omega3. In the book it suggests that O3 helps relieve an "out-of-control body-wide inflammatory response" that exists due to too much O6 relative to O3. Inflammation generally suggests fluid retention. Is it possible, or has anyone read anything that suggests, that balancing O3/O6 can result in significant weight (water) loss due to inflammation relief?

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    I haven't read that but I lost 28 lbs the first month going primal from nasty SAD and I'm sure most was water weight from SAD and inflammation. Weight loss slowed after that. I took a 6 week break from primal then went back and I'm down 40lbs so far.

    So you will probably see this taper off at some point. Though I understand it can be faster and easier for a good portion of men vs. women especially menopausal women such as I am.
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      It does seem to fall of pretty quickly in the beginning, but most of that (like you say) is water weight and some fat loss. It will slow down the closer you get to a healthy weight.


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        I'm also new to primal, about a month in, and I'm also losing nearly a pound a day. Water or fat, whatever, I'll take it. I feel so much better, so no matter to me. Also mtbing in the summer be sure to stay hydrated because, as I'm sure you know, those hills sure make you sweat.