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Leangains macros + Total Energy Expenditure

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  • Leangains macros + Total Energy Expenditure

    I calculated my LG macros at the weekend - unsurprisingly I have been under-eating - but I was a little shocked to see by how much. I've gone (initially) for a 25/75 carbs/fat split on recovery days and 60/40 on workout days. It was a little tricky trying to rationalize LG (v high carb/lower fat on workout days) and Primal (generally lower carb & higher fat) eating so I will see how I get on after a couple of weeks with those ratios. I don't think I could even stuff any more carbs than that into me anyway!

    I used the calculator at onepercentedge (very useful!) to work out my energy expenditure. I set my activity level as "sedentary" because I spend a lot of my time at work and most of my time at home sitting but I'm adding on the calories for my cycle riding/sprinting/etc separately on the days I do them.

    Anyway, my question: I commute to work every weekday by bicycle. (4 miles on road/4 miles off road each way, takes me about 35-40mins each way). I have (using an online tool) conservatively estimated the TOTAL extra EE as 700 cals (Strava iPhone app reckons 1000). Does that seem about right? I assume that it is vital to get this right and eat these extra calories because on a Leangains re-comp I need that calorie excess on my workout days.

    Any thoughts most welcome, unless it's just a case of: try it for a few weeks and see!

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    The energy estimate from any app is going to be highly dubious. Does it ask for your weight and body composition. Know if you have a head or tail wind? Under-inflated tyres? Soft or rough road surface? Up hill or not? Carrying a bag to work? It may even include your resting metabolic rate. So I'd ignore that and eat more approximately, knowing that a 40 minute ride will of course use some energy.


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      Good points. I think I'm going to assume that most (all?) online calorie calculators INCLUDE basal metabolic rate and re-visit my calculations. Still, it would be handy to know some rough approximates to help calculate my TDEE. Probably safer for me to over eat than under eat though as I'm currently trying to increase strength/muscle with Starting Strength. I can always drop any extra fat after (that's the easy part!!)