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What are your 'ESSENTIAL' Vitamins & Supplements?

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    I take:


    I eat fish instead of taking fish oil. Omega 3 fats oxidize even more easily than omega 6 fats, so I worry that fish oil capsules would be rancid by the time I take them. I don't think I need supplementation anyway since I do eat fish, and I also limit omega 6 fats, so my ratio should be good.
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      For some reason I read 'fish oil capsules' as 'fish oil cupcakes'.

      I was like CUPCAKES WHERE?! And then I thought, 'eeeeew fish cupcakes!'

      I need to sleep more you guys.


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        I take iodine, selenium, and magnesium. Sometimes I skip the selenium because I eat a ton of egg yolks.

        In the cooler months I take D3 also.

        I'd love to find a good multi, but I feel awesome so it's not really a priority right now.


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          Only things I take that I consider absolutely essential come from my personal deficiencies: B12 and D3.

          But, I consider my others important or I wouldn't take them: Kelp, Magnesium Malate, and Krill Oil.


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            Unfortunately, due to life-long cramping trouble, I have started taking potassium and magnesium as of last week. Otherwise, vitamin D and real food cover the rest.
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              Alive! multivitamin (best one I've ever found, hands down), selenium (my body seems to use more than the average human, to the point that I hafta take OD amounts to function), vit D3 (wrong latitude for getting enough from sun), and experimenting with cod liver oil and trace minerals.
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                Fish Oil (only on days when I'm not getting it from food)
                Biotin (for the first time in my life I can have long, natural manicure)
                Chelated Magnesium at night (helps me sleep very well)


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                  Vit D - 10,000 IU sublingual
                  Krill oil - 1000mg
                  melatonin - 1 to 2 mg sublingual
                  ubiquinol - 50mg
                  magnesuim - 400mg
                  chlorella - 3-4 gelcaps
                  b12 - 1000mcg sublingual

                  Most days, it's just the first 3 listed.
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                    Vitamin D - dose varies (6k-10k) every other day, depending on how I feel, use a liquid dropper in my morning water/with first meal of the day, I have been very deficient in the past and work in an office.

                    Alive! multi for women - at NaiadKnight's recommendation, mostly for the trace minerals in it (like iodine and selenium) that are probably missing from my diet. I eat the best I can, but I don't eat a lot of varied foods because it gets too expensive. It may just be the way I'm seeing it/coincidence/timing, but overall, I've felt like my moods are more stable since I started taking it.

                    Candex - part of my anti-yeast protocol, as I'm still trying to starve off a yeast overgrowth that I've had since last Fall, at least.

                    L-Glutamine - hoping it will help heal my gut, I take about 4500mg once a day. I figure it can't hurt with my increased activity level too.

                    Ther-Biotic complete powder - An intense probiotic, taken at the recommendation of the doctor that diagnosed my yeast overgrowth. Seems to help regulate bowels and I feel more clear-headed when I take it consistently (once a day).

                    (Occasionally) Tryptophan - 500mg at a time, I take it when my moods are consistently low. It usually only takes a few days of dosing to get me back to my normal self. I used to take it/5-HTP every day, but no longer need to in order to feel good .

                    (Temporarily) Ferritin chelate - I can't remember the amount, maybe 28mg? Somewhere over the RDA. My levels were a bit low earlier this year, got better through supplementing, and got a little low again after I stopped taking them. Think this has to do with gut health/the yeast. I'll finish off the bottle I have now and re-test in the Winter.

                    (Thinking about) Magnesium citrate - I've read a little about how it can be helpful for women's menstrual cycles. I took magnesium chelate (I think?) earlier this year and had better periods than I have had for the past 3 cycles. Not sure if I want to bother with it again, but I'm willing to try anything.
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                      The only supplement I take is D3, and only if I haven't seen the sun for a while. All the rest of my vitamins and minerals I get by tracking my food consumption in cronometer and making sure I'm eating the right things so my vitamin levels are where I want them to be. If I seem to be not getting enough of a certain vitamin, I find a whole food that contains it and eat it.

                      I personally feel like taking vitamin supplements (especially something like gummy vitamins) is unnatural and a waste of money. My understanding is that your body can absorb vitamins much more easily from natural foods than from some concoction that was whipped up in a laboratory.


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                        Vit D, magnesium, zink, cod liver oil and L-glutamine are the more common. I do sometimes make a whey-isolate shake, but not as a meal replacement.

                        I often forget to take all of them.
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                          Liquid vit D3
                          Super enzymes
                          Omega 3


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                            D3 drops most days (relative to sun exposure)
                            Magnesium at night (sleep better, more regular)

                            currently taking cod liver oil (carlsons), but trying to just eat more seafood and phase out oil

                            just started taking a K2 (K1, K2 as MK-4, MK-7) supplement to see if it improves my dental health, will evaluate after 3 months


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                              Mulit-B with C and E -- so basically a multi with B emphasis
                              Fish Oil
                              Tryptophan for mood

                              Three or four nights a week I pop some magnesium