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Talking to friends about cutting grains

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    Originally posted by primalprincess7 View Post
    my friend just told me the other day that she was giving up meat and all animal products. said she was gonna eat beans,veggies, and lots of grains. i didn't even try to explain things lol
    ^ME TOO!

    I have a friend who lost a ton of weight with Nutrisystem (ACK--that's sh*t isn't even food) and shoved it in everyone's face. Now she's leaning more toward vegetarianism (double ACK). I had to hide her FB pic of her tofu stir-fry. Made me wanna puke! I'd be picking out all of the processed GMO soy globules.

    Anyway, she is way more stubborn than I am (and I'm extremely stubborn) and there is no way on God's green earth I'd say a word to her.


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      What works for one person may not work for the other. Some people cannot stand the taste of meat- possibly this is their body telling them not to for some reason. I see my son come here with a huge rash on his face -he believes it's from eating red food ("I ate a strawberry today"). Obviously I want to lecture him for an hour about the inflammatory effects of grain.

      However, one thing I learned a long time ago from AA: you can bring the message but if the person doesn't want to hear it there is nothing you can (or should) do. But bring the message. The person won't forget. Gee, I wonder how many people "brought me the message" about quitting smoking? When I decided to do it those messages finally started to play in my head. A lot of people are addicted to food, or they are in denial about weight, or hey- they are making a personal choice.

      So plant the proverbial seed and step back .


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        My 18 yr old niece was moaning that she is fat and when my mother told her I'd gone from UK size 22 to UK size 14 (average size in UK is now size 16) by going low carb she just looked horrified and told her that she couldn't give up carbs.


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          Most people are stupid and weak.

          Yeah, I'm cynical. But to shoot down and idea, untested, because they believe they couldn't do it in the first place? Weak.
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            agree that it is frustrating. Have a friend with colitis but after years of trying to "help" her with my advice on health and nutrition, I stopped. She is on IV meds now and has always claimed that diet makes no impact on her disease. We all have one life to live, not the lives of all these other people, no matter how much we want to! My hubby, on the other hand, is slowly converting! I have merely led by example. He has dropped 30 pounds in the past year merely by not eating bread anymore ...and less beer (keep trying to get him off the beer---for digestive distress reasons, but I think I have to shut up about that too.)
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              Having lost a ton of weight from high fat/low carb, grain & sugar-free eating, I frequently get asked for diet advice and when I tell them cut out grains, sugar, corn and sweeteners for a month and see what happens (not even high fat/low carb eating), you should hear the reactions I get. "Oh I could never do that!", "I can't give up my cereal and bread and pasta!". .

              I was once the same way and had to be dragged into low carb eating by the force of how desperate I was from being so overweight. I've been amazed at how easy it is and how great I feel from eating this way and then losing weight too.

              I know quite a few people with gut-related issues (GERD, colitis, frequent stomach illnesses) and they still won't listen and believe me. It's turned around many of my own health conditions.

              It's depressing what a choke-hold SAD has on our society. I agree, not every way of eating is perfect for everyone, but can't some at least try grain-free for a bit and see if it helps? Thankfully, we can go out and research more of this nowadays, but still when the evidence is right in your face, folks can't let go of these foods.


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                Sooner or later you'll learn you can't save people from themselves. This applies to all areas of life, IMO.


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                  Cutting grains?

                  Works for me, a good workout and keeps angry vegans at bay.



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                    I'm mostly at the point where I don't even try to convince people. I can be excited about how I am doing and feeling, and if I'm vague about how I've gotten as far as I have, it's no problem. Then I don't have to hear "I could NEVER give up ...." and I just keep going.