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Difference between dietary cholesterol and blood cholesterol?

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  • Difference between dietary cholesterol and blood cholesterol?

    I'm sort of still new to Primal(less than 3 months), so please forgive me for this question as it might sound sort of stupid. I'm in the process of ordering some books that were suggested to me by people on this forum. I'm interested in learning more about the actual science behind Primal. Mostly, I am interested in the science aspect because I want to be able to defend my way of eating to those who rudely comment on it.

    Anyway, tonight my family was discussing how cake recipes have changed over the years. Pretty much, the discussion ended in my brother(fully knowing I am Primal and how I eat) stating that eggs and butter are bad for you because of the cholesterol. I know I shouldn't be getting frustrated.. But he has absolutely no right to talk because he eats like CRAP(fast food, premade meals, etc.) I thought you actually had to be attempting to eat healthy in order to be allowed to talk about it?? Okay. Rant over...

    Can anybody either explain or point me to a source that easily explains the difference between dietary cholesterol and blood cholesterol? I want to be assured that the cholesterol in my "eggs and butter" will NOT raise my cholesterol in an unhealthy way. I tried to defend the Primal WOE by saying "If you believe in eating Primal, then you don't believe that eggs and butter are bad". He walked away saying "Well I believe in science". I guess you can't argue with someone who believes their CW huh? Even if they don't follow it.

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    The Definitive Guide to Cholesterol | Mark's Daily Apple
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