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How do you navigate the sustainability argument?

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  • How do you navigate the sustainability argument?

    My wife gets the nutritional side of the PB, but can't get over the ecological/sustainable side of eating that much meat. It's getting pretty heated, so can anybody help me out with some resources? I know Mark has addressed it before and I'm going to look again when I get home, but was wondering if there was anything anybody on here had offhand. Thanks in advance.

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    I'd ask what's sustainable about 1000s of miles of monocultures - soy, wheat and corn? That's a lot of what's killing the arable land. First strip it of every living thing, then plant it from 'fencepost to fencepost' and dump in lots of chemicals. Ugh. And as far as CAFO meat goes; you're basically deriving calories from the sun via a petroleum conduit. Pasture-raised animals aren't part of that conduit.

    I'll have to go find it, but I've read some articles about chemical-free pasture farms and polycultured fields actually improve soil and also sustaining more wildlife.

    Ah, here's a book that might be helpful. I haven't read it, but Melissa of Hunt, Gather, Love fame feels it's worthwhile - Meat: A Benign Extravagance
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      Make her google "Joel Salatin"

      Argument over.
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        her coming at it from the "so much meat" angle is flawed from the jump. this isn't about eating 18 oz. ribeyes every meal everyday.

        most of my protein comes from wild fish, pastured eggs and "off-cuts", like tongue, heart and liver. my breakfast was bone broth with dried anchovies, seaweed and 3 pastured eggs all stirred in there. we'll be having lamb tongue for dinner. what's not sustainable about that?
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          There's loads of evidence to refute the sustainability argument against eating meat. Mark posted about it in the last month or so, have you checked the blog archive?