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Grass fed milk after workout

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  • Grass fed milk after workout

    Hey all, just debating this in my head, not sure what I want to do, I lift twice a week following a strength program, I'm 25, 5'10, about 160 pounds, I'm also doing leangains and eat primal just fine. I want to gain a little more muscle, I just don't eat enough calories, primal foods and fasting just keep me full when I eat a big meal, but i was thinking about drinking a half gallon of grass fed milk after my workouts ( 1250 cal, 96 carbs, 80g sugar, 60 protein) I would only be doing this twice a week, getting about 50 carbs and about 10-15g of sugar on the other days. I would love to just eat steak and eggs but I just can't eat enough of those, I'm just not hungry after one or two meals. So my question: Should I just skip it and try to eat just food? Should I try it considering it's still kind of primal and it's only two days? Would the high sugar take me out of fat burning mode?