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    Hello Everyone,

    I'm relatively new to the primal lifestyle but it's been a really easy transition into it and I love it. I've formulated SEVERAL questions through my primal studies and here is a burning one.

    There is a man who goes by "Hannibal for King." He's a calisthenics professional from New York--arguably one of the best--and he's just a beast of an athlete.

    You can look him up on Youtube--his videos are all over the place, just type in "Hannibal for King."

    Two things:

    1.) In his interviews he talks about never using weights.

    2.) He also talks about not being very interested in a strict nutrition regiment and eating whatever junk food he wants.

    I think he just puts in hard ass work and that's how he's built his mass. Do you guys think the same? And the real question is how can this be "Primally (yes, a made up word)"explained?

    Some people may cry roids (steroids) but if you watch the guy, and listen to him, you get the feeling that he's a good guy and there is no way he uses.

    Let me know what you guys think. And here is some links for your convenience (explicit lyrics in some music):

    Hannibal for king - YouTube


    Hannibal For King Exclusive Interview!! - YouTube

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    Big doesn't mean strong. He looks big and defined. The easiest way to look big is to constantly tear and rip your muscles, causing them to rebuild. When u look at those muscle model guys, they look jacked and have big muscles. They do this by, for example, doing 100 dumbbell curls with a 1 Pound weight, where if you want strength, you lift a 100 pound weight once (going over board with ratios here). Body excersizes are like endurance. Sure he can life his upper body 20 times. But can he bench 300lbs? You dont have to be big to be strong and just cause ur big doesn't mean ur strong.


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      I am well versed in the difference between size and strength. First of all, this guy isn't that big and second of all, he is obviously, extremely strong. Lifting your upper body 20 times (or being able to do the superman--the dips he does on the parallel bars with his legs straight out behind him) and benching 300lbs are both examples of strength. You could just reverse your question--Sure he can bench 300lbs, but can he lift his own body weight.

      Anyway, my question is looking for answers with the connection to primal fitness and diet. Is he able to build the mass, from a diet with lots of junk food or lots of carbs, simply by the intensity and consistency of his workout regiment?

      If someone is eating a high carb and processed food diet--increasing insulin production and fat storage-- can they still achieve this level of size and strength? ( I understand he is not that big compared to body builders, but he probably a lot bigger than your average grok.)