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  • I need some help geting started

    My boss is on the primal diet and has lost lots of weght. thats my goal being a cook in chain restuont im around lots of bad and prossest foods and at home its not much better. from what Iv read thars no prossed foods,
    grains & surgrs but lots of salids, vegdables , friuts & meats the workouts look my speed do to a motercycle reck
    a few yrs back its hard to run and workout like i use to but I can walk,hike and lift somw weghts.
    any help,tips or respies whuld be great.


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    Have you tried reading any threads on the forum?


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      Translated for others:
      My boss is on the primal diet and has lost lots of weight. That's my goal. Being a cook in a chain restaurant I'm around lots of bad and processed foods and at home it's not much better.

      From what I've read there's no processed foods, grains & sugars, but lots of salads, vegetables, fruits & meats. The workouts look my speed. Due to a motorcycle wreck a few years back it's hard to run and workout like I used to, but I can walk, hike and lift some weights.

      Any help, tips or recipes would be great.

      Backpacker, here's Mark's food pyramid (by calories, not volume) and here are recipes.


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        For what it's worth, I find sticking 100% the Primal way of eating has totally turned me off to any kind of junk food without having to make any effort at all to be "good"! Particularly once I really upped my healthy fats intake.

        Walking and lifting weights is great! If you're wanting to add in the occasional sprints but aren't physically up to sprinting, you could try finding a steep hill and walk up that briskly instead.

        As others have said, there are loads of really great recipes on the forums, and it's kind of impossible not to make delicious food with the recommended ingredients! Hope you enjoy it and have the same great success your boss has. Maybe if enough of you start eating the same way, you could break away and start your own chain of Primal restaurants!
        Went primal for the weight loss, stayed for the quality of life!


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          Originally posted by mike_h View Post
          Translated for others:

          Thanks. As I kept reading I thought it was a sanity test or something.

          To the OP - if it had a face or grew out of the ground and is green and leafy eat it. Move around some and don't fret about kickass work outs or anything.

          That should get you started until you have a chance to read some and get a better understanding.
          People too weak to follow their own dreams will always try to discourage others.