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Costco lamb...grass fed?

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  • Costco lamb...grass fed?

    I picked up some Costco lamb loin chops for a pretty good price, a big tray for 20 bucks. It says on the package that it's important from Australia. I tired doing some research and I found this website: Australian Lamb

    It is hard to tell if this is costo's supplier. But when I went to the Where to Buy link and put in my zip code, my costco showed up along with other supermarkets and the the website says - "100% free-range Australian Lamb is all-natural, grass-fed, pasture-raised and free of artificial additives and hormone growth promotants—a pure product of its pure environment."

    Has anyone done any research and can confirm that lamb from costco is indeed grass-fed and hormone free. Cause if it easy, this is a great find, way cheaper than anything from whole foods or the local farmer market stuff.
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    I seem to remember doing some research on this a while back and coming to the conclusion that most lamb from Australia is in fact pastured.


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      I have heard here that half of Australian lamb is pastured, half is grain fed. On the other hand, New Zealand lamb by law is 100% grass fed. Trader Joes and Whole Foods currently have New Zealand lamb in my area.
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        Agreed... I always buy either New Zealand lamb if no other info is provided because it is pretty much just known that it is clean, or pastured free range 'seal' Colorado lamb when I can... I'll buy Aussie lamb if it has a pastured /free range 'seal'.

        However... if Costco is showing that the lamb that they carry is indeed always pastured free-range etc... I'd buy it.

        ***I just checked the website and it says that it's product sold at ONE local grocery store chain is "100% free-range Australian Lamb is all-natural, grass-fed, pasture-raised and free of artificial additives and hormone growth promotants—a pure product of its pure environment."... the other two local grocery chain stores are not listed in this site... and may buy the cheaper grain fed Aussie lamb from another company instead.

        End result: I'll probably be more likely to pick Lamb up at that chain now if my butcher doesn't have Colorado produced equivalent lamb available. I never really manage to get truly local lamb here in FL... it's more of a cabrito friendly area.
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          This is great news! I have seen the lamb at Costco -6 to 8 one and a half inch thick chops for cheap money. Next time I am going to ask the meat people and confirm that they also know what they are selling, since the website doesn't let me search for retailers in Canada.
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            I bought for the first time American lamb from the brand Shepherd’s Pride. It tasted really good but I went to their website and they say the animals are grain finished. I took the time to email them that because of that I will unfortunately need to buy New Zealand produced lamb instead. It's sad and unecological since it travels so far but that's because this country's agriculture is so corrupt and upside down that us, consumers are cornered to buy from overseas. Same for the cheese, I stopped buying from local (VT) Cabot brand (I'm in MA) because they can't guarantee the milk is rBGH free. I now buy pastured rGBH free (and excellent) Kerrygold cheese at Costco instead, rBGH is banned in Europe for good reasons.


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              If it's New zealand lamb I'm pretty sure it's almost guaranteed to be grass-fed. If it's Australian lamb it is more than likely grass-fed but there's a chance it could be grain finished depending on the season.


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                Don't know of any feedlots for sheep in Australia. Only time they're grain-fed is in drought on on the way to slaughter
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                  I hear that half of the lamb from Australia is grass fed......the front half.