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How is your kitchen/food preparation since you've started eating Primal?

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    Annoying thing is that I always have to shop for groceries for fresh proteins and produce. I keep emergency frozen vegetables and frozen ground beef and chicken breasts in my freezer, but I like my seafood and liver fresh. Before, I just ate canned seafood and ate liver once a month, maybe. Plus, grains could be stored, so I didn't have to cycle through the stuff in my fridge as fast.

    Dream kitchen appliances:
    - Vitamix blender
    - Ice cream maker
    - Dehydrator
    - Room in freezer to store half a cow
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      Most annoying used to be that things no longer just came out of a box and were ready to eat... but I have actually come to enjoy the cooking part so it isn't annoying anymore We do go to the store A LOT more than we used to because everything is produce and not shelf stable.

      Dream kitchen:

      I'd have one of those pantries like the Master Chef TV show and would never have to go to the store

      I'd have a Vita Mix

      I'd have twice the counter space and storage space

      I'd live in a place where a garden wasn't buried under snow for a few months each year and avocados would grow in my backyard


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        I'll chime in.

        What do you find is the most annoying about meal/food preparation when eating Paleo?

        I would say the time it takes to prepare a meal. With cutting and boiling vegetables, cooking the meat and then doing the dishes, a 1 to 2 hours of cooking-eating-cleaning is a lot for a meal that will feed you for 5 hours.

        This is usually the situation for egg breakfasts or when eating offal. The rest of the time, I make sure to have 3 or 4 portions of leftovers with a big batch of pre-boiled vegetables to eat with my eggs in the morning. This makes the 2 hours it takes a lot more worth it.

        If you had all the time/money/equipment, how would you want meal preparation to be like?

        With all the money, I would first buy (all All-Clad of course) a small saucepan, huge stockpot for bone broth, stainless steel frying pan and sauté pan. I'd also buy a Blendtec blender, as well as a hundred other things.

        With all this equipment, I would like to have a rotation of large jars of 22-hour and calcium-rich bone broth, canned vegetables, sauerkraut/fermented vegetables and homemade jerky.

        With all this cooking, I would be highly skilled in the kitchen, making meals incredibly tasty and taking 1/10 the time to prepare.


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          Undoubtedly the most annoying thing about going Paleo is the shopping. If it's available I choose organic which can mean hitting two or three supermarkets in one afternoon, like I did today, in order to get sufficient food.

          As a college-trained ex-chef, married to the son of a Royal Navy chef, cooking from scratch was something we did before. However we now have a surplus of storage jars which used to hold pasta.

          If I accquired shedloads of money I'd buy a Georgian house in Sussex and have a custom designed Mark Wilkinson kitchen, more knives and a walk in fridge.


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            I would want to be able to work for myself, from home, so I could travel to the market whenever I wanted.

            Food prep is no different now as we have always cooked from scratch.

            In terms of facilities, I'd want a large fridge, with room to brine chicken in pots and cure pork belly into bacon. I would want a huge chest freezer and a large double oven, too. Outside, I'd want the facilities to roast whole pigs.
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              I find very little annoying about preparing primal meals. Only perhaps being in a rush sometimes. My kitchen sure is cleaner because I am spending a lot more time there. I got some really good knives (wusthof) and they make food prep a dream. Being a widower with kids grown and out, (yay!) most meals are just for myself but I also enjoy cooking for family and friends. And when I do they damn sure are eating primal. I just don't mention it as such.