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  • Can Coconut Oil & Milk.........

    Can Coconut Oil & Milk completely replace butter and olive oil in cooking?

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    I never consume butter, but we use coconut oil a lot in cooking. The only thing to keep in mind is that it will impart a distinct coconut taste to whatever you cook in it. We also use walnut oil. We save our olive oil for things like salad dressings. In our house, we use oil sparingly in cooking... we'll maybe wipe a pan with a tiny bit of it, or wipe down our grill with a little to prevent sticking. So I'm not sure if something cooked in a big pan of bubbling coconut oil would taste good or not.


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      Originally posted by Breezy View Post
      Can Coconut Oil & Milk completely replace butter and olive oil in cooking?
      Not the milk so much, but the oil can definitely. What's your concern?
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        I use expeller pressed coconut oil (no scent or flavor) for anything that the flavor would detract from the dish. I have never had a problem subbing it into recipes for butter.


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          coconut milk wouldn't really replace much, but you can cook most things with coconut oil rather than butter or olive oil. for baking, you'll actually get a better texture a lot of the time. but why no butter or olive oil??


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            Why would you want to replace butter?????
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              I only cook with butter or coconut oil. Depends on what I am cooking. The good coconut oil taste like coconut therefore I like butter for some cooking. What do you have against butter or olive oil. I use olive oil in most salad dressings. As I do not like coconut flavored salad.