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    I juice all the time but nearly always only green veggies, brocoli, celery, kale, sprouts, spinach and so on (green papaya is a fav for the enzyme papain)

    if it is too horrible to drink I add ginger and or a pear which really masks the taste

    I find the live enzymes really help with digestion, I get a real burst of energy and a massive dose of vitamins and minerals straight to the pipeline without having to digest stuff. I generally blend the juice with a half dozen ice cubes and drink it it chilled in a nice glass with a straw

    I eat loads of veggies too so I don't miss the fibre and I get all the phytonutrients from a head of celery, a bag of spinach, a couple of decent heads of brocoli all in one go

    I sometimes do unripe pineapples if I can find them as they are low in sugar and provide a good dose of the highly anti-inflammatory enzyme bromelain

    be interested to hear what people think of this approach


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      I only juice maybe once or twice per week. I'm not typically a fan of drinking calories, but I'm not a big vegetable eater so the juicing does help get the nutrients that I'm not always willing to eat.
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        I drink green juice every morning and have for about a month.
        (My mom bought me a Breville at Williams-Sonoma.)
        Quite a huge difference in high energy level and very happy moods:
        Handful of spinach and parsley
        1/2 pear, 1/2 orange
        Cucumber & ginger
        I vary the greens with kale, collards and/ or romaine.
        Everything organic, of course


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          Originally posted by MonkeyGuy View Post
          Nice...but I still question why we are even bothering to refer to the USRDA for anything anymore. Remember, they still recommend eating a ton of calories from breads, pastas, and startches! The paleo/primal movement will eventually make them irrelevant.
          Ding ding ding! Correct! Why care about RDA's that were reverse engineered from a presupposition that you need 9-11 servings of grains a day? Its just silly.


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            Thanks for this thread! I haven't juiced for a while and will get my juicer out and running ASAP! I agree with the comments about getting rid of fibre - many veg give me grief and presently I seem to be eating only root veg and squashes. Juice, on the other hand, will give me a much wider range of nutrients without all that fibre.


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              Some greens + berries + filtered water = my go to smoothie. If I have some yogurt or bananas around, I might add them.

              My old juicer was a pain to clean, so I gave up juicing for smoothies, but I'd juice in a heartbeat if I had one that was easy to clean. (First on the "small indulgent appliances" want list are a meat grinder and a sausage stuffer, so it will be a while.)

              I didn't realize how truly seasonal wanting fruits and veggies are for me until the other day. I made my first green drink in many months and while it was blending I realized it was also the first day the temp has been in the mid 80s for a long time also.
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                I am eating loads of veggies and green so I don't need green juice but cucumber is good for the skin. I have been juicing up 1/2 cuke, a couple berries and half of a mango. I either drink it straight or added to sparkling water. Keeps water from being so boring.


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                  I wanted green veggie juice to be palatable without adding fruit. Discovered Tabasco sauce makes veggie juice DELICIOUS, it seems like a Ceasar to me now, (no vodka tho!)
                  I do:

                  half a lemon
                  piece of ginger
                  bunch of kale
                  half a cucumber
                  half a bunch of parsley and cilantro
                  3 stalks celery
                  about 10 drops tabasco



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                    When I used to juice I over=indulged. When I make a smoothie I have to think to much to control portion size.
                    Mastication of veggies really takes a little work, and the natural satiety impulses that take over when chewing help me with my urge to over eat.

                    taste of a single veggie juiced was always pleasing to me, but mixing them was not


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                      Extracting juice from some vegetables makes for a juice which is sometimes more healthful than juice obtained from fruits. One such case is that of cucumber juice. It takes care of various common ailments such as blood pressure, cholesterol, bone & skin health. Please check the following link for reference:
                      There are numerous benefits of cucumber juice due to its remarkable water content and other essential nutrients, like potassium and vitamin A.


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                        Why do you want to pre-masticate your food? So that it hits your stomach as a "bomb," instead of the slow absorption of natural, chewed foods?

                        When "they" find out that Grok had a juicer, I will reconsider my position.


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                          good point, Porky, be like Grok whenever possible. we all know that Grok lived in a time where he didn't have to hunt for his meat- he had others that herded and maintained and killed and butchered cattle imported from Asia *for him*, and we carry on that tradition to this very day!

                          there is just no way he would have juiced vegetables, even if juicers were on sale back then