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Catabolism at night vs ketosis

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  • Catabolism at night vs ketosis

    Do we need to consume protein prior to bed to prevent catabolism while we sleep?
    As a bodybuilder - I have always subscribed to the idea that we need to consume slow digesting proteins before bed to prevent our bodies from reverting to a catabolic state while we sleep. Typically I have done this with casein or cottage cheese, fatty meats etc. before going to bed. I generally reacted positively to a night feeding waking up feeling refreshed and rested. I also tended to have intense REM sleep.
    This however seems to contradict some of the tenants of the PB diet. PB recommends not eating anything 2hrs before bed and that the state of Ketosis has a muscle sparing effect. My question really is : if we are in a state of ketosis, do we really need to eat protein before bed to prevent muscle loss or does the muscle sparing effect of ketosis render it unnecessary?
    Kind Regards