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Sweet potatoes and gut health

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  • Sweet potatoes and gut health

    I really would appreciate some opinions on this.

    Months ago I started having digestive problems along with joint pain.. It took months for me to realize that gluten was a huge problem, and I suddenly became lactose intolerant and allergic to casein. After lots of reading I came to the conclusion that I had leaky gut. After dropping all grains, all dairy and legumes, my digestion went back to normal and my joint pain went away.

    Now I'm looking for a safe carb source because I have a hard time getting my carbs only from veggies. I can only eat so much fruit, I eat bananas and berries, but I don't want to overdo it. Many people recommend sweet potatoes but I worry that this will undo my progress with my gut healing. I had just bought a bunch of sweet potatoes and then came across this page....Paleo Diet: Potatoes, Leaky Gut, and other Autoimmune Disease | Eczema Cure and Psoriasis Cure and now I'm worried about the whole potatoes thing. I'm not trying to go high carb here but I'd like an easy way to reach at least over 100g per day.