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  • Always hungry. Always.

    Hi everyone,

    I'm new to the Paleo/Primal lifestyle (3 months or so), I went into it pretty much guns blazing. Cut out grains and processed food, then sugar in my coffee, then swapped for raw milk, then upped my intake of fat, and started exercising primal style.
    I quit smoking (10 year habit), I quit drinking, I started eating better, I put on muscle and lost fat and I can BREATHE when I walk up the stairs now which is amazing, now I sprint up them for fun!

    My problem - and I do have one

    I am always hungry. Always.

    Breakfast 7AM:
    Coconut, almond and blueberry muffin
    1 tablespoon MCT oil
    Coffee w raw milk

    Lunch (I try to wait till 12PM/1PM but rarely make it past 11AM):
    Usually meat(beef, lamb, chicken, salmon) with butter and veggies or eggs with butter with veggies.

    Same as lunch

    I drink a further 2/3 coffees a day, all with raw milk and no sugar.

    Please help, I feel like I'm constantly starving but I seem to be eating enough right? I refuse to ever eat anything but primal every again (minus occasional dairy). But I don't want to put on weight, in fact - I'm still 7 pounds from my ideal weight!

    Thanks in advance for any ideas.

    PS. Primal/Paleo is still the best thing I have ever done, regardless of the hunger.

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    I forgot to add, I'm 24 year old Female, 140 pounds


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      Add 6 eggs and 4 pieces of bacon to your breakfast.


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        Originally posted by Neckhammer View Post
        Add 6 eggs and 4 pieces of bacon to your breakfast.
        I second this.

        PS: What's with the muffin? I assume it's a paleo recipe? I'm thinking maybe nuts aren't the best way to start your day, though.

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          Its a paleo muffin, I was trying to find paleo breakfast ideas.. Now that I think about it its probably a bit on the empty side (coconut flour being a main ingredient), tasty though, got me through my sugar cravings in the beginning!

          I'm going to try the eggs. I'm taken some of Mark's experimentation ideas to help with sleep, and I might try using the same for this as well.

          Weigh in on Friday (my usual time) and then starting saturday ramp up eggs and bacon in the morning, keep everything else the same, and record mood, hunger, lethargy daily till the next Friday.

          I like experimenting, it makes it even more fun that it is already!

          Thanks for the advice guys, I really really appreciate it. I've never posted on a forum before!



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            Good luck with the bacon and eggs. I think you will find that it helps a lot. Be sure to eat all the bacon grease by whipping it into the eggs (if you are going to scramble them). That will help with satiety.

            I was going to mention, I think the blueberries in the morning might be part of the problem too. I am not a scientist, but from what I understand: Overnight, your body uses your fat stores to keep your blood sugar stable. In the morning, if you eat sugar, it has to switch over from fat-burning to sugar-burning. If you only eat fat and protein in the morning (bacon and eggs), it might help, since your body isn't going to have to switch fuels. It just keeps doing what it was already doing all night, and all that fuel can flow immediately to where it's needed, and hopefully that means you won't be hungry.

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              Another suggestion - and this might sound crazy, but here it is: When you add the eggs and bacon, don't add a huge amount at first. I've found that if I eat 3 eggs and 3 strips of bacon, I'm still hungry when I'm done -- but if I eat 2 eggs and 2 strips of bacon, I'm satisfied. I have no idea why. It could just be me. But I'd suggest adding only 1 - 2 eggs/strips of bacon to start, and see how that goes. Add more eggs/bacon if you're still hungry. Good luck!
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                I'm going to try all of your advice. I wonder, could I periodically switch the bacon for smoked salmon to change it up? Maybe twice a week?

                I really like what you say about the blueberry's and sugar, in fact, that may have something to do with my inability to get into ketosis for long? Not that I've tried particularly hard.. I might try and see what happens.


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                  Hi. I have bacon or salmon and omelet (with spinach and onion and other goodies) almost every day and this really helps my hunger.

                  But, something else I found, is I do just seem to go through hunger phases. There was a period of about 2 weeks a while ago where I was ravenous, I ate a lot more than normal (all primal). I felt convinced I'd gain weight, but I actually lost weight! Then after those 2 weeks I just went back to normal and wasn't hungry again. I don't know, maybe you could try indulging yourself for a while (with only primal stuff) and maybe you'll get it out of your system like I did?

                  Good luck either way
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                    I like the idea of ditching the muffin, but personally I don't find bacon very satisfying - it is just too salty. A nice pork chop or burger is a great way to start the morning.
                    Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )



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                      Originally posted by TBar View Post
                      I'm going to try all of your advice. I wonder, could I periodically switch the bacon for smoked salmon to change it up? Maybe twice a week?
                      Sure, I don't see why not.

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                        If I eat this, I'm so not hungry and the thought of more food is gag-inducing (and I'm a chronically hungry person):

                        2 eggs
                        1/3lb liver
                        1 small avocado
                        2 mugs of coffee with whatever

                        1 small can of salmon with mustard
                        1 small avocado
                        something else, such as some nuts or a lara bar or half a bar of dark chocolate

                        Some veggies or salad, condiment-sized (sue me for my meatatarianism)
                        Another 1/3lb meat (tuna or liver) (by now I'm gagging)
                        Another small avocado (kill me now)

                        And this is a day I ride my bike to work and take an hour calisthenics exercise class. Do that two days in a row and I'm done eating for-like-ever. Okay, not forever, but I skipped breakfast, ate lunch, then skipped dinner. The thought of more salmon or liver or roast beef or avocados fills me with thoughts of dread. But I'm gonna do it again tomorrow because that's what there is to eat around here.
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                          Berries keep me from getting satisfied by my food, even if paired with generous doses of bacon and eggs, so I'd agree that that might be the issue. If I eat a good high fat/protein breakfast I am full for 12 hours.
                          I wish I liked to eat liver.


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                            Skip breakfast, give yourself an 8 hour eating window, and train your body to not have food all the time, I sleep ( 8 hours with no food) and upon waking 7-8 just have black coffee until about 2, then I eat and eat until I'm stuffed, lots of fat and veggies, usually holds me over, and the key is being consistent for me, after about 2 weeks I just wasn't hungry at all unil 2-3 sometimes not at all.


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                              Glad to see you're going to be replacing that breakfast with some protein and fat. Eggs, some form of meat/offal/fish and veggies, are a good combination and will (or should) sustain you for MUCH longer. Don't be afraid to use some fat to cook your eggs and meat too.